Quick Hurricane Irma Update 9/13/2017

September 13th, 2017

Everybody take a deep breath and we will sort all of this out!

Currently there are many things I do not know.  I believe my home and my boat have passed this ultimate storm test, only verified by an aerial photo without much detail.  My business is open and I plan to be up and running as soon as some infrastructure is back in place and tourists are allowed to come back and some of the dust has settled.

I am very behind on communication and may only have a day or 2 before I go into the Keys and from there I may be out of communication for a week, maybe longer.  There will be a general understanding that trips will be cancelled for the next 2 weeks or so and of course all deposits will be refunded.  I will work on that tonight and try to be proactive about trips in the grey area.

I am available to offer clean up and salvage work to anybody needing services locally.  I need to make income as we move forward, so I am for hire.  Charters are completely possible in the near future, just don’t know when or what we can do.

Please communicate with me so we can work all of this out gracefully and everybody will hopefully walk away with the least amount of disruption to plans as possible.  I expect that by Christmas most will be back to normal.  We all expect to have a busy tourist season, so all local efforts will be working hard to make your next visit great.



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