March 1st, 2012

Spearfishing and freediving is the greatest game in the world.  What other sport can even compare to holding your breath and swimming in a pressurized foreign environment, where you can’t breathe, and then hunt, stalk and capture a fish from its home?!  The challenge and rewards are unequal to any other experience.

With respect that you will be harvesting fish that can’t be released in a National Marine Sanctuary, I have basic requirements for anybody wishing to participate in spearfishing.  You must know the current regulations for saltwater fishing in Monroe County with a strong understanding of species identification and species size regulations.  This information is easily available here:




All of of my divers must watch 1 hour of YouTube spearfishing videos that pertain to the species you wish to target.  You must be familiar with how to handle a spear gun.  You must meet a minimum working breath hold of 30-50 seconds and be able to repeat dives in 15-27ft of water.  You must be a strong snorkeler and be willing to dive to depth to hunt your fish.  You must have an understanding you will be in an environment that may have current, limited visibility, jellyfish, sharks and all sorts of challenges that will affect the ease or difficulty of each trip.  Finally, all participants will be required to sign a liability release waiver to protect my business in the event of your personal injury.  Parents must sign for minors.

Most of the freedive spearfishing I do is located on inshore patch reefs, shallow wrecks and shallow main reef coral clusters.  Most reefs range from 12-30 feet deep and are within the scope of the average person with some basic breathing and hunting techniques.  Not every trip yields great results and not everybody can spear a fish!  The reward is the challenge of the experience and the real satisfaction that comes from challenging your body to perform in such a foreign environment.

Spearfishing trips are booked on an individual basis and after a brief consultation to assess your skills, comfort level, health, experience and weather conditions.  I would not advertise this as something for everybody to do at any time.  The goal of this trip is to provide you with a safe environment with a high probability of success within the context of an inherently dangerous environment and activity.  The ocean is beautiful and dangerous, demanding respect at all times.

I am not able to advertise rates for spearfishing, due to the variables and circumstances involved.  Approximate rates are $100/hr, but can only be established after working out several trip details. Spearguns with underwater camera mounts are available and I am available to offer filming services of your hunts.  To book a trip, please fill out in detail my “contact” form or call me.

Spearfishing laws are rapidly changing. If you want to participate in any spearfishing activity you MUST know species identification and all of the current regulations pertaining to open/closed seasons, size and legal status for every specie you intend to harvest. There is no exception to this rule. If you don’t know, you’re not shooting it.

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