Spring Break Options

March 11th, 2012

Always something to do if you know what to do!

Welcome to all the visitors to the Keys during our busiest month! I know all of you are looking to get out and play on the water or might be sitting at the beach in the breezy conditions and may be wondering what there is to do. The forecast looks like the wind is with us for a while, but that doesn’t mean your landlocked for your entire stay. The great thing about life in the islands is we are on an island and there is always a place to duck out of the wind! Snorkeling and spearing may be out for most people, but the fishing is still great. Just scale back a little and simplify your big game conquests and spend a day fishing our inshore channels and shallow patches. Mangrove snapper are abundant in the channels and catch and release grouper are everywhere! As our water temperatures rebound, early season tarpon will begin to feed a little again and who knows? When fishing in the ocean, you just never know and you can’t catch ’em unless you’re there playing in the game!
Also, for our hardcore spring breakers, we have several sandbars perfect for anchoring up in the sandy shallows and getting your party on. Pack for an ocean picnic, grab some water toys and we’ll crank some tunes and make our own party at sea. It will sure beat being stuck in your hotel room or having the masses kick sand on you as you lay out on the beach. Just give me a call and we can discuss the details for your perfect day and make it happen!
Please be safe on our roads and respect our public parks and resources.
Today is your last chance to enjoy the Marathon Seafood Festival. Be sure to enjoy this great event and thanks to the hundreds of volunteers that make this such a successful attraction! Thanks to you all!

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