Cat In The Cradle!

April 7th, 2012

Finally!!  An new boat has joined my fleet!  After 3 months of searching all of South Florida,  I bought a beast offshore 25′ Sea Cat just 4 houses down from where I bought my first catamaran.  Its funny, like a fishing parallel, I looked all over Florida for a boat and it turned up right where I already was.  Patience paid off this time and this well taken care of, one owner boat was being replaced by a larger one and I was there to make her mine!

For my customers, a larger, more stable fuel efficient platform offers a dry ride in rough seas.  Today, she made her maiden voyage and first charter just a day after I bought her.  With a Southwest wind puffing to 20 knots and pushing seas over 4 feet, I handed over the controls to my customer and allowed him to easily and safely push us through.  Having no experience in a boat this size and conditions of this magnitude, Keith guided us efficiently from spot to spot with ease and a smile.  I’m sure he was a little nervous, but I could tell he was having fun, as compared to Minnesota, today’s sporting seas would eat any conditions he has experience for breakfast.  I didn’t have to ask him a second time to take the wheel!  My point; the new boat fished 5 of us comfortably on a day some thirty footers are getting a beating.  Our anglers of varied ages and angling ability caught 15 species of fish until they could barely crank the reel handle to wind them in. Bruises from fighting fish….check.  Blood and battle wounds…..check.  Sleeping good tonight and sore tomorrow…check CHECK!!  I had to remind them to hydrate and nobody had time to grab a snack.  Just good addictive fishing with just a rest here and there to catch a breath and stretch out an arm or wrist.

If you are curious about how a catamaran rides and handles, now I have two for you.  A 20′ 2007 Pro Kat and a 1997 25′ Sea Cat.  If you want a fun, action packed day of fishing, I am here to take you out rain or shine, smooth or rough.  If you are not sure what you want to do, I have the tools to get you on the water and the knowledge to make your ocean adventure become reality.  Call me or send me a an email to discuss your options and customize a trip for you or your family today.  If you are here visiting, you owe it to yourself to get out on the water and see why we live here and play on this liquid paradise every chance we get.  There is noting else like it!!

1997 25' Sea Cat Twin Yamaha 150 4 Strokes


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