Spring Break

March 24th, 2013

Let’s look on the bright side of things….it’s warm, fishing has been great and you’re here for a week or so of fun. I hope you all brought a kite to fly, because the wind has been with us more than what we as fishermen and ocean adventurers would like to see. It easy to take for granted all of the picture perfect days we get to see, but for your short spring break visit, it is tough to give you the best when the wind limits activities. Thankfully, we always have options here in Marathon. We have great fishing on the near shore shallow reefs that are only a mile or two out. If the wind is howling out of the north, a great catch can still be had when everybody else is left at the dock. Also the sandbar is a great vacation destination to kiss land goodbye and enjoy a long sandy stretch of secluded shallow water. Enjoy soaking up the warm sun, jam some tunes, explore the life that abounds and even do some shelling. Our public beaches are nice, but nothing beats a great day at the sandbar. Canal cruises and sunset cruises are another great way to spend a windy day on the water. Check out some of the beautiful island homes as we meander through the maze of canals and inland waterways. Later in the afternoon, make your own happy hour and watch the sun fall into the ocean and the colors light the sky. These are a few options available to you when you think all is lost because the wind is up. I will have to cancel some trips this week, as I did today, but there is always an option of getting you on the water that I offer to my customers. Maybe we can’t run 30 miles offshore, snorkel or catch lobster, but there is still fun to be had. Sometimes you just have to change your perspective. You’re here and it would be a shame to miss your time on the water because of breezy conditions. There is no script for what happens on the water and something special is always out there, so come find out what is waiting for you.
Fishing the past few weeks has been really good. There have been plenty of A+ days with outstanding conditions and catches. Other days have been slower and unpredictable when the current isn’t moving, but good catches have been put together with some work. The water has been really clear for snorkeling and spearfishing when the wind isn’t blowing like crazy. Yesterday, March 23rd, we put a dozen lobster in the boat on a late season half day trip with a good pile of medium mangrove snapper that fell to a well placed spear. It was clear the masses of lobster we see when the water is warm are long gone, but with checking lots of spots, there is a few to be found for your dinner. It is always a huge bonus to put some lobster in the freezer before season closes!!
I am pretty busy according to my calendar and have limited openings for charters. I expect to have several of my customers not opt for what I have mentioned in this blog. Please call me if you have any questions or are interested in a last minute booking. The boat is always ready to go and if I answer the phone, I’m likely on land. If you catch my voicemail, I’m on the water and will return your call when I get back to the dock! Thanks so much!!

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