Endless Summer Endless Opportunities

September 4th, 2013

Finally, the kids are back to school, traffic has lightened a little on US1 and I am getting my first chance to get caught up.  A big Thank You to all of my customers that have come on board in 2013 for an amazing year of adventures with many more to come.  You have kept me so busy, where I see the business growing into providing you with more ways to bring your friends and your families onto our beautiful waterways.  In the near future, I will be offering back country trips into Everglades National Park, night time bully netting lobster trips and possibly reef/offshore trips out of Key Largo.

So, the majority of tourists may be gone, but that does not mean our fishing, diving or anything else we do for fun is not in full swing.  If you check out some of my pictures from the last week, we have been rocking it shallow to deep, above and below the water.  The offshore tuna bite is as good as it gets, but typically gets better as we head into the Fall cooling period.  Reef fishing for snapper is excellent when there is current, but when that condition isn’t there, we have been tangling with a variety of species on the deep wrecks from 2 to over 200lbs!  If you want a lesson in eat or be eaten, you’ll get a crash course out in the deep like you can’t imagine!  The recreational pressure on the lobster fishery is a fraction of what it has been since season opener, so those lobster holes should fill up again soon and provide some great meals for those willing to meet the challenge and work their butts off to hand catch their dinner.

As you can see, there is plenty to do and a great time to do it.  The docks will be quieter and genuine fishing reports and current pics will be less frequent until our next wave of visitors come back.  I have many open dates for bookings for the next two months, so give me a call and I can tell you all about the opportunities available to make your custom adventure.


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