Fall Tepmeratures Make For Hot Fishing

November 6th, 2013

Here we are in the midst of our second cold front of the year.  The wind is blowing, boats are tied at the docks and waters temperatures and visibility on the reef are crashing.  That is our view from shore, but there is a far different reality underneath the water.  It is easy to complain about being blown off the water now, but there are great things about to happen.

Fall is the changing of the guard for many new species to target in our local waters.  No different than the return of our land dwelling winter residents seeking warmer weather, a massive migration of bait and predators is advancing down the East Coast seeking better water temperatures..  Sailfish is always the headliner, but many other fish pass through such as a handful of reef cruising dolphin, cobia, all of the mackerel family, amberjack, tuna and more.

This cooling water provides relief from the hot summertime water temps that send fish deep.  Now we see a wider variety of cooperative reef species returning to the shallows.  Not only does this make them easier to catch, but this also gives us the chance to get out there on the windier of days.  There is no need to go all the way out to the main reef because some of the best fishing can be found in the near shore shallows.

With more fish spread out on both sides of the island, this gives us more options to target a large variety of species.  Winter and Spring tend to be our windy seasons, so if our Plan A is looking like too bumpy of a day, there is usually room for a plan B and C to get you out on the water to have an enjoyable day.

Now through the next several months is the time to get in on some of the best fishing of the year.  From beginner to experienced there is something for every interest out there ready to provide you with a thrill and a fresh dinner.  Get your dates booked now, as I will be filling up quickly.

A very big THANK YOU to all of my customers that have come aboard with me the past 2 years!  I am so blessed to have had your business and shared in your company and adventures on the water.  I never expected the praise and compliments to launch my business to #2 on Trip Advisor for fishing charters in Marathon.  It is very rewarding to know I made an impact in your lives and you chose to spend a day of your vacation with me.  I look forward to fishing with my returning customers and welcome anybody interested in spending a day on the water to contact me to build your own custom reel adventure!  I take great pride in the operation of my business and the handling of your trip.  I hope you get to experience a day on the water with me so I can show you everything I love about the Florida Keys!

Capt. Kevin Johnsen

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