What’s The Catch?!

December 10th, 2013

There’s always a catch!  Especially if it sounds too good to be true!  I try to put myself in your shoes and answer potential questions customers may have or provide information that helps detail the components of my business.  This is the stuff I’m not great at, but several windy days have allowed me to complete most of my land chores and now it is down to this.  Figuring out what you need to know to help you make an informed decision if my business is right for you.

Self critiquing is only as good as the truth of the reality you are willing to accept.  I’m my worst critic, so for the sake of my own feelings I will try to be nice to me and see what I’m made of..or at least the business can or can’t do!

It may be easier to point out what I’m not.  I don’t do SCUBA charters, I don’t offer split trips that I have to arrange schedules, I don’t claim to be an expert at everything and ……….ummmm, that’s about it.  Ahh!!  Flats fishing….I’m working on that, but that is coming soon.  I’m not quite there yet.  I have to refine that program before I offer trips, but the boat is completely set up and ready for action soon!

On the other hand, I am a one man operation with a medium sized boat that offers virtually any water activity for people of all skills and interests.  Now that I say it, I guess that is a lot.  Better yet, I have built a solid reputation for a new business among a very competitive established charter fleet by exceeding the expectations of my customers.

I do have to turn away customers because the weather is crappy and I cancel some trips because I don’t drag my customers through poor conditions to selfishly make a buck.  With that in mind, the boat is set up for the rough stuff and I can do it for the right people anytime under most conditions!  My entire operation is based on quality trips, as you deserve the best trip I can give you period.  My job is to be the best day of your vacation.  That’s what I’m shooting for when we leave the dock!  If I can’t do it well, I wouldn’t see you again next year or you would take your vacation somewhere else.  That would be silly, but it could happen in theory.

So, what is the catch?  What is the difference between me and them?  Lower overhead costs, more efficient management, more attention to detail…it is my own business.  It is my pride.  I guide and teach you throughout your trip.  You’re catching the fish or lobster.  You are doing what you set out to do and earning the experience through whatever adventure you choose.  The culmination of the learning process; failures, successes, challenges and surprises are all of the elements of a memorable trip.  It is a relatively intimate bonding experience and you are involved nearly 100%.  I’m aware of how things work on the bigger boats.  I’m going to stick to what works well for all of us and hopefully I will see you on the water soon!

A quick December fishing update.  When the wind isn’t howling, fishing has been great.  Reports are very limited, but nobody is feeding the fish, so guess what?  I  bet my life on some really hungry fish out there right now.  Grouper season closes January 1, so get ’em while the getting is good for the rest of the month.  Everything is conditional, so fishing for reef fish, mackerel, pelagics and so on has all been about matching the target fish to the conditions given that day.  The shallow patches have been the go to fishery per recent conditions and that is about as fun and easy as fishing gets!  Don’t deny yourself a day on the water, so make that call to get yourself out there now!

If you’re interested, but not sure about some aspect of my business, please call or email me.  There is a lot out there for everybody and I build my trips around you or offer you the best of what I know is happening locally.  Take a few minutes through my photo gallery to see what other customers have done.  Check out my Facebook page for the latest information or spend some time looking through reviews to see what is really happening.  Thanks fans!!

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