March Wrap Up

March 26th, 2014

Florida Keys Reel Adventures has been running wide open for perhaps my busiest month ever.  What a blessing to be a part of so many adventures and spend so much time on the water.  Families on Spring Break have made up the majority of my fishing trips the past few weeks.  Despite having mostly perfect weather up until now, fishing has been all over the place.  We have had good fishing and clear water for snorkeling, but there have been a few tough trips during a week of virtually no current.  Our fishing depends on current and when there is none, we can come into many complications.  It appears this year a large population of a variety of “bait stealers” have invaded all parts of the reef and even my emergency spots have these pests present.  We have had plenty of days we can see our target fish schooled behind the boat, but the wall of bait stealers prevents a single bait to getting to our desired fish.  It is frustrating to be so close, but have virtually no chance of hooking the fish we can see.  The other obstacle has been the numerous sharks patrolling the schools of snapper on the outer reef.  We had several trips where the snapper bite was good and the shark bite was just as good.  Your hooked snapper only made it to the boat if you wrenched it past the jaws of very quick and agile sharks.  Not all gloom and doom though!  We had many great trips catching yellow tail snapper, catch and release grouper of all kinds, assorted reef fish,  all sorts of sharks up to 200lbs, big amberjacks and even a few permit that we couldn’t quite get to the boat.  Fishing is an art of managing infinite variables to figure out how to get fish in the boat.  March has been full of variables!!!  Now we have a strong front blowing through for the next few days and the game changes again.  I see a good change coming, as this will allow the fish to reset and a few days of not being fed should get them hungry again.  I expect the snapper bite to get stronger on the reef edge, permit are ready to play on the wrecks, tarpon will be biting with several days of stable warming water and tuna/dolphin should cooperate for the offshore fishing trips.

Thank you to all my customers!!

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