April’s Latest News

April 23rd, 2014

Looks like I’m way behind in my updates!  Thank you to the dozens of families that have kept me so busy the past month!  It has been quite a challenge with strange weather and water conditions.  Our “winter” has arrived late and made for plenty of windy days on the water and cooler water temps.  It has tested me as a captain and a fisherman to make critical calls for the comfort and success of all of my trips.  The weather forced a few cancellations, but on every trip out we have come back with at least a dozen fish.  It was a great month filled with many personal best catches and even a few bucket list trips.  It is so rewarding to pull off something so meaningful to a client with a date on a calendar and a small amount of time to make it happen.  A quick reminder, any customers out there with pictures or video of the best moments of your trip are welcome to submit them so I can show everybody how you did!!

Wind!!!  It is common for this time of year to be windy as we transition into our rainy season and welcome a new migration of fish.  Thankfully, calmer days are becoming more frequent offering more options for targetable species.  The tarpon are here and we are about to come into 5 weeks or so of  great opportunities to tangle with a powerful inshore monster.  Permit have arrived too and are going to be a great target for anglers that want to catch a trophy fish typically found on the flats.  The reef fishing will be improving with snapper beginning their congregation on the reef edge in preparation for their spawn.  As the weather gets hotter, the catches will get bigger and better.  The dolphin are showing up offshore, but not with any consistency in size or location.  Usually we get a push of big fish first followed by numbers of schoolies, but it seems it is mostly smaller fish out there for now.  That could change any day.  Tuna on the humps has been good when conditions are right.

I am happy to announce some major upgrades for the boat.  I have the equipment to enter the deep drop game for exotic deep water species.  I have added a powerful new bottom machine to identify deep water structure where these creatures are found and new deep drop rods and equipment are ready and rigged to go get them.  As I break into this new game I can’t guarantee success, but it may be a great back up plan for the days the offshore fish don’t cooperate.  I always like more options!

I just want to remind everybody that booking a trip is easy and the process is standardized to prevent booking errors or miscommunications.  Fill out the contact form completely with as much helpful information as possible.  I make notes of these details to provide you with as close to a perfect trip as I can make it.  All my customers are required to call me to check in 48 hours before your trip to discuss final details.  This way there is no chance of anything going wrong from the time you book to the time you step foot on the boat.

A big thanks again to everybody that has made me a part of your stay in the Florida Keys!  Every day, every trip is a heck of a ride and I look forward to making many more adventures with you all!!



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