Blowing Through May

May 13th, 2014

It is not too often I don’t know what to say.  I always like to focus on the good, so thank you to all my customers and guests for keeping their bookings with me and trusting it will all work out the past week!  And a very big thank you for so much great feedback with TripAdvisor reviews that has made Florida Keys Reel Adventures the #1 rated fishing charter/attraction in Marathon, Florida Keys.  This is something I never could have envisioned  for my new business in such a competitive tourism service industry.  This does not mean I am the best fisherman.  I wish I was, but that is a work in progress.  I am fortunate to not have made critical mistakes with my customers and have provided quality trips by building the day around what you want to do in relation to what we can do.  I work in an environment of infinite variables and your trip is an evolving complex math equation.  How do I take a family I have never met out on the ocean any given day on a smaller boat and give them the best day of their stay in the Keys?  That’s the question I start every trip with.  It is a meaningful accomplishment to be noticed as a top ranked business in a town I am in love with.  When you book a trip with me I’m taking notes and listening so I am armed with the information to get it right. Given the wide scope of activities I offer and an unlimited diversity of my customers, there is lots of room for things to go wrong.  I appreciate the positive feedback because it credits my ability to put together the day you wanted and sometimes more.  I am new at this and I’m learning as I go along.  I have had a few trips where I could have been better or a decision I made worked against me.  It is unavoidable.   I am ever grateful to be me and having the opportunity to take you out to do the activities I enjoy the most.  It is a compliment to be a part of your vacation and I always do my best to give you every reason to come back and do it again.

Now, about the blowing wind thing that keeps happening.  Here in the Keys, you can just about do it all.  If you throw in weeks of wind with few breaks, then you can do some of it!  The fishing has been pretty good, but we have been on many plan “B” themed trips for a while now.  Offshore fishing, spearfishing, snorkel trips and so on have turned into bayside mangrove snapper fishing trips with some sharks mixed in.  A compromise, but the fishing has been mostly good when the conditions are anything better than awful.  My customers have been rewarded full full limits of mangrove snapper, lots of almost keeper grouper, sharks and a handful of oddball species like puffer fish and catfish.  Once you get the rods bending and the cooler starts filling up, everybody is a lot happier than if they were sitting at the beach looking out on the ocean wishing they were fishing!

Looking ahead the month should continue to offer up great fishing whenever these late late cold fronts aren’t producing poor conditions on the water.  Florida Keys Reel Adventures will  soon be on a short hiatus for a working vacation.  I will be out of service and I will return your calls, emails and requests as soon as I come back to the real world.  I may have limited service, but I can’t count on it.

As always, thanks everybody for keeping your trips and making some great adventures!  There have been lots of personal bests set and many great days on the water.  It has been fun and I look forward to the next one.


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