Back To My Reality

June 12th, 2014

I have the magic answer to any and every  request that comes my way that lacks much thought or takes away from the cost and effort in what I do to provide my customers with a great trip on the water.

Go rent a boat.

Most of you are here on vacation, but I also have many regular repeat local and traveling anglers that book me every month.  What I do is streamline the whole process of setting up and delivering a productive day on the water.    Time is money.  I figure it all out for you and it is done without any effort from my customers.  You show up and have instant fun.

My prices are competitive with any boat rental company if you were to rent a boat of half the quality of my boat, which you will not find.  Add fuel(+5 gallon), bait, ice, tackle, licenses, DAMAGES you cause and a few other things and you are well above the cost of my trips.  Keep in mind you are doing all of the work now and responsible for knowing the regulations and protecting your passengers.

The best way to take value away from my time, professionalism, my knowledge of the water and the efficiency in which I operate my business is to request discounts because of everything.  I can explain every detail of why, what and how much, but I would rather have you rent a boat.  It will all be explained in 1 boat rental experience.  Bottom line is I offer the lowest rates I possibly can for the highest level of service I can provide.  That is why I have a business that is highly rated with a high percentage of repeat customers and referrals.

I love operating my business.  It is an amazing life, full of hard work, very long days and massive amounts of effort and time that go into each custom trip. All of my costs are going up and because of the popularity of my growing business, more time and energy is required to make sure your day is as perfect as it can be.  I have not yet passed on this cost to you.

I want all of my customers to have their best day in the Keys spent with me.  I do my best to set up the trip you want on your specific terms and prepare you properly for what we are to do.  I am finding myself spending too much time defending my rates, defending my reputation and getting involved in complicated scenarios.  The photo attached to this article is the authors of my first bad Trip Advisor reviews.  I can’t understand what the problem was, because there wasn’t one.   They don’t look upset.  They caught a ton of fish, yet they didn’t bring enough money to pay for the trip.  So I get 2 “horrible” Trip Avisor reviews from it?!  I can say more here, but it has only been mentioned as an example of my reality.

I am in the fun business.  I offer a luxury service that is for your wants, not your needs.  My rates are undervalued for what I offer.  If you think my rates are high, please go rent a boat!

I do hope you book a trip with me.  You do have choices and many people are priced under me.  There is a reason for that.  Maybe they are not insured, properly licensed of permitted to do it, or are cutting corners you should know about but won’t discover until you are stuck in a situation you can’t get out of.  Read some negative reviews from other charter services.  If I have only been in business for 2.5 years, you won’t have any trouble learning everything about me.  No info on your guy?  Hmmmm.

I am building a great business that is only improving.  If you have a good time or even a so-so time, I ask you write me a review so you can share your experience with others.  I want you, as my customer on board, to notice what I am doing for the best interest of your trip.  Try to communicate some appreciation when I go the extra mile to make sure you get more than what you paid for.  Often you get more time if I have it to give and the good times are kept rolling.  When my engines are running and the chum and tackle is flowing and rods are breaking, at the very least you should tip me before you walk away with bags full of fish.  I don’t come out a financial winner on every trip because my margins are tight and the variable are infinite.  So if I lose, guess who else loses by default?

Moving on, fishing has been awesome.  Offshore or reef, most everything is cooperating.  The water has been crystal clear too.  We are now into rainy season and you can expect to get rained on any given trip through August.  Morning trips are a little less rainy and cooler, so that is the safest choice if there is such a thing.  Good luck in your adventures out there!






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