Scary Good Fishing!

October 28th, 2014

As kids get ready to “Trick or Treat” we are looking to the treats and changes that are happening now in our waters. Coming off of an unprecedented soaking week of excessive rain in late October, I have seen a dramatic drop in water temperatures in a good way. Yesterday on the reef we had a solid 80 degrees, but at the dock it was barely 74 degrees. This creates a huge mixing area where salinity, temperature and water clarity is moving things around. This is really welcome following exceptionally high water temps that messed up normal summer patterns and just pushed a bunch of life deeper off the reef. Now life is returning to the shallows and seasonal migrations of winter fish coincide in the timing to make many opportunities for anglers and divers.
Offshore we will see the tuna bite continue to be strong. Wind will play more of a role in the ability to get 27 miles offshore to the humps. Days will have to be chosen carefully. but if anglers are willing to play in the waves, wind makes for some great fishing just off the reef. Sailfish are starting to show up in very limited numbers and with them come kingfish, tuna and maybe even a wahoo or cobia. The dolphin are more off than on, but through November we sometimes see them chasing schools of bait near the reef edge.
On the reef it is good going to great as the water cools. Maybe the giant yellowtail snapper of summertime are gone, but nice sized keepers are spread out among the shallow patch reefs. Along with the improvement in yellowtailing, we see an increase in grouper catches, porgies, hogfish and cero mackerel.
This is also great news for the snorkelers and spearo’s. Those moon jellyfish are thinning out here and there. Instead of solid masses of purple stinging frisbees, we have had some ability to relocate to avoid the bulk of them. Of course things change from day to day and tide to tide, but it is a welcome improvement. We still have some dirty water getting moved around due to the heavy rains of last week, strong tides and shifting wind directions, but when the conditions are right there is some great spearfishing to be had!
Fall is a transitional time of year where we see a little of this and a little of that. Every trip is a puzzle you assemble on the water with the little bits of information around you. The best way to play the game now is to react more and plan less. It is really changing that fast, so getting your heart set on one thing may prove to be a restriction, where going with what is happening is a game winning strategy.
Recently, I have added a new booking feature to my website under “Reservations”. I am about to be 3 years in business now and have learned a few lessons in managing bookings. I understand many people are booking their first ever fishing charter with me and may not realize this is how I make my living. In short, I have lost a tremendous amount of time and money by not securing a deposit to hold the reservation. This new booking feature gives everybody more security, incorporates more communication and reduces any possibility of booking errors. I do not want your money if I haven’t earned it and my refund policy is founded on respect, not greed. So give it a shot. It may take you 5 minutes or less and everything is secured through paypal, so no worries!! If you do find any trouble in booking your trip, please call me or send me an email and we can get it done the easiest way possible!

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