Thanks for Giving!!

November 28th, 2014

I do realize how lucky I am to be part of your vacation or adventure! Having grown up here in the Keys, my family didn’t have the money to have a boat or spend time on the water as I do today. Having that perspective gives me the drive to produce a custom trip around your desires so you get the most out of your money and time with me. I have had countless horrible jobs that got me to where I am today. Just how the stars aligned and I was allowed to build a successful business around my passion is nothing short of a dream come true. I do want to thank all of my customers for allowing me to make a living on the water while creating memories that can’t be replicated on land! I am truly grateful to be here and I hope you see the effort and pride that I take in giving you a “reel” adventure in the beautiful Florida Keys!! Thank you ALL and let’s keep looking forward to the next one!!
Speaking of giving, it sure has been windy around here. That’s one thing that keeps giving as we have had an abundance of early season cold fronts that makes it feel like winter around here. I do have a TV, so I know my version of winter isn’t the same as the rest of the country, but with winter comes our migration of fast fish. Your cold weather has pushed huge schools of bait and game fish our way and there are a ton of options when the wind isn’t blowing. Luckily, this time of year we don’t have to go far from shore to get into some great action. Lots of members of the snapper and grouper family can be caught in the near shore shallow reefs along with mackerel and an assortment of fun reef fish. When the conditions are nice and the water is clear, we average over 10 species of fish landed in a typical trip. Whether you are new to fishing or an avid angler, each bend of the rod brings a chance for a species of fish you may not have ever seen before. Chances are it is probably delicious too!!
When the weather is nice, we have spanish mackerel and mangrove snapper on the bayside of the islands. This can be fast and furious fishing, as these toothy speedsters are a tackle tester. Their aggressive nature makes them a great target on light tackle and long runs force you to bring your A game to keep them on the end of your line! Out deeper on the reef, grouper are still open until the end of the year. This only improves as we go through December, so now is the time to get while the getting is good!! Cero mackerel, kingfish and a few sailfish will also be in our area. They are always on the move and it is a matter of being at the right place at the right time to catch one of these. Further offshore, the tuna and wahoo is the main targets of interest. These too are migrational, so you are always on the move looking for another moving target. It is more hunting than catching, but when you connect you will find out why you spent that time looking.
This time of year activities in the water become a bit more temperamental. We are in a balance of our clearest water of the year battling the dirtiest water of the year. Of course this always depends on the weather. One strong cold front can quickly silt the water with high wind/wave action where it take several days to return back to clear water conditions. You may plan on a snorkel or spear trip, but a fishing trip will be a back up option if the conditions aren’t right for going in the water. Also, wetsuits are now the norm as out current water temperatures are 70 degrees. These can be rented for $10 per person and are worth a million bucks when you are in the water!
These are just a few of the most popular options you have, but these trips are all built around you. Please give me a call or email me your interests and I will match your interests up with the best things going on for your time here. It is as simple as that! Thanks again all and I hope to share a day on the water with you soon! Also, if anybody is having any difficulties with my booking system, please call me and we can do it together.

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