December Wrap Up

December 25th, 2014

A big Thank You to all of my new and repeat customers that have shared ocean adventures and time well spent playing on my boat in the beautiful Florida Keys this year! I only have to look at a few day’s worth of pictures to be reminded how lucky I am to be me, but looking back at this past year is a powerful reminder of why I love to do this! Thank you everybody!!!!
Today is Christmas and we are in one of the busiest weeks of our entire year in terms of tourism. Lots of people here from all over looking to do something fun. I just want to spotlight a few professional friends in my circle that are part of my community that I support and that also contribute to the appeal of Marathon and the middle Keys. Check out what they have to offer and I’m sure they will provide you with the best experience possible!
Seascape Motel and Marina is beautiful ocean front property in the heart of Marathon with clean, updated rooms and plenty of dockage for your boat and a large pool for the family.
White Sands Inn is a quiet resort where you can literally step out your door and your feet are in the sand! Located just outside of Marathon, it offers up the peace and quiet away from town and the tranquility of a natural beach setting.
Captain Hooks Marina and Dive Center is a full scale marina offering everything from bait, tackle and boat rentals to dive gear, dive trips and so much more. Check out the fish feeding at 4pm, which always draws a crowd!
Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters is a new indoor interactive facility offering all kinds of custom experiences with sharks, rays and a host of interesting species found here in the Keys. Dive with instructor Dani to learn through her passionate teachings and make friends with some critters you never dreamed of meeting!
The Turtle Hospital in Marathon is a popular attraction that gives back to the local sea turtles and marine life in need. Daily tours provide the funding for the rescue, rehab and release of these delicate marine creatures. Bette Zirkelbach is one of the many heroes that make this operation a success through her dedication and love for the marine environment and all of it’s inhabitants.
Marathon Kayak’s Dave Kaplan provides high quality mangrove eco tours and sunset trips in single and double kayaks. Guests of all skill levels and ages are given an expertly guided tour through dense mangrove canopy trails, where you get a glimpse of the unspoiled beauty of the mangrove forest. It’s an adventure close to home, but off the beaten path!
Florida Keys Kiteboarding and Stand Up Paddleboarding is a one stop shop for a lot of things adventure. Here wind is a good thing and Aaron Osters is a first rate kiteboarding instructor. This little shop can outfit all of your needs for kiting, paddling, spearing, diving and even wash your clothes with a great laundry service in the same building!
Back to my world, everything is just rolling along as it should. Lots of great fishing trips, with a few that have been challenging due to the wind and weather we commonly see this time of year. Best thing to do is keep a close eye on the weather for your trip and communicate with me your concerns for your group so we can make a solid plan that makes everybody happy! Activities in the water are the most challenged by conditions, so make sure you are prepared there too! Towels, warm clothes, wetsuits are all more important as temps drop and that sun isn’t as warm this time of year with the low angle of light! Also, sea sick preparations are more of a factor as the winds kick up the seas. Really, there is no excuse for you not being prepared. The information is out there, the over the counter meds today are highly effective and easily available, so why do my guests ever feel sea sick? Lack of planning and preparation. I see it every week and I know it could have been prevented, but I can only do so much from my end. That’s about it. I’m looking forward to finishing this year out strong and January 1 seasons open and close so some new fish will be hitting the docks soon! Electric deep drop fishing will be added to the list of options for offshore 3/4 and full day trips. One final reminder, I do not answer my phone when I am on charters with customers, so please leave a detailed voice mail and I will return your call as soon as I can. Thanks so much!! Happy New Year and I’ll see you soon!

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