July 2015 Outlook

July 9th, 2015


Hey everybody, sorry for the delay in my updates.    Here we are flying through July and there is so much to look forward to an many changes coming.

Fishing Trips:

It is hot and the fishing is pretty good right now.  The snapper are spawning and we have had great catches when we get the right current and the fish want to play nice.  It has been breezy for this time of year, but that is keeping things from being insanely hot on the boat.  With the breezy days, many of my customers are not taking their seasick medications correctly and pay the price on a handful of past trips.  Gotta do it right!  Back to fishing, offshore the tuna bite has been great and should continue to be so.  Dolphin are running small, but still worth chasing as we come back from catching tuna.  Shallow water shark fishing is great too!!


That word comes back into play this month as we see Mini-Season open for lobster on July 29, 30 and reopens for regular season on August 6th.  Everybody that has a trip booked with me, please be prepared.  Your prep always shows on the trips, so don’t be your worst enemy.  Do your homework, know your stuff, check your equipment and check it again.


Despite a mostly bumpy seas pattern we have trending, the water has been clear.  The big challenge is gust going over the waves heading out to the various dive sites.  With a South or East wind, the hardest part of each trip is the beginning by just getting out there.  The rest has been fine with good conditions on anchor and clear water.  Tons of snapper to spear and plenty to see lately to keep it exciting.  A recent article on a spearfishing accident reminded me to remind you that spearfishing isn’t for everybody.  There are risks and dangers involved and some people that are easily distracted probably don’t need a loaded gun in their hand when swimming.  I trust that you know yourself well enough to make that assessment for everybody’s safety.  Like any sport, your respect and amount of time learning and preparing on land will carry over into your successes in the water.

As with all of my trips, please take into consideration all members of your group and make the proper preparations for everybody to have a comfortable day.  The sun, heat and waves affect everybody differently, so please remember that you are the representative for your trip and passing the information provided here to all guests makes a great day on the water.  Please bring full sun protection (hats, long sleeved shirts with SPF rating, a Buff, sunglasses and plenty of sunblock) , bring plenty to drink and some snacks and leave behind the stuff you don’t need for your trip.

To all of our lobster hunters that will be arriving soon, please be safe, courteous and respectful of what we have here in the Keys.  As a resident, believe me I see change and changes coming based on what is really happening on and off of land for these seasonal peaks where we are maxed out on all of our resources.  You are 1 0f 2 types of visitor.  You are here to enjoy what is around you and get a lobster dinner or two OR you are here to value out your expenditures in lobster tails and will do anything for an extra lobster tail to waste to freezer burn.  Look around you at everybody that is here to do the same thing as you.  When you are breaking the law and taking more than your limit and multiple trip limits, you are being watched.  You are taking from everybody around you, taking from me and taking more than the resource can provide at one given time for these peaks.  Either you will get caught or the results of your excessive harvests will tighten the regulations so much there will not be a sustainable lobster fishery for anybody.  They will take away enough of the bag limit to make it not worthwhile if we don’t police ourselves now.


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