August/September News

August 16th, 2015

I want to start out by thanking all of my new and repeat customers (and the weather)for keeping me on the water for a month straight without a day off.  Guess what day today is?!  Air conditioning, catching up on land chores and hydrating are top priorities today!!  It has been a heck of a run with an odd imbalance of good and bad, but thankfully no bad trips.  Let’s get up to speed on what is going wrong and right.

Heat and water temperature is everything right now.  At this point, I can throw away what I know for patterns because we are cooking down here and breaking records for heat and temperature.  My day to day success is coming down to my knowledge of marine biology, specifically my understanding the relationship to dissolved oxygen, thermoclines, reverse thermoclines and why this or that is here or there because of how hot the water is.  This is all what makes or breaks your day for anything you want to do.

Reef Fishing:

Well, it is good and horrible.  My summertime yellowtail snapper bite has been off and I see it as day to day.  I haven’t done many fishing trips lately, but I see the struggles of other captains at the dock and it isn’t good.  The mangrove snapper spawned in July and haven’t left the reef edge.  The inshore water is so hot, they are “walled” in on some places and it makes for easy fishing when I can find them.  It has required more daily hunting with my electronics and longer runs, but when we find them it is really good.


My offshore trips the last few weeks has been awesome.  Tons of customer work is required to keep lines clear of miles of heavy scattered grass, but when you work hard, you are generally are rewarded.  The tuna have been pretty strong and the dolphin have been there too.  Just be ready to clear lines every few minutes because a tiny weed on a trolled bait will kill your chances of a bite.


I know where the lobster are at.  Not the problem at all.  I put up all the information to prepare my customers and I get what I get.  I suggest you call me after 8pm to tell me about your group so I can make an educated guess as to what your group can do with where the lobster are.  I would like to connect your dream to reality before I book a trip for you.


Same as lobstering!!  The Moon Jellyfish are here, so expect to be stung and be prepared with rash guards and such.  The water is hot and the fish are deeper, so that’s where we have been going when you can go deeper.

In summary, we are hot down here.  Your preparation is everything.    Heat, sun, dehydration, jellyfish, depth and lack of customer preparation have been the big issues on each trip.  There are so many environmental challenges I am working through to make each trip a success.  Please, make sure you do your part to meet the requirements and take preparations for spending time on the water and in the sun so we are all safe and comfortable at the end of the trip.  I hope to see you soon!


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