Octoberfest Ocean Fun Fest

October 10th, 2015

The winds of change in the form of Cat 4 Hurricane Jauquin have passed and we have transitioned into a Fall pattern seemingly overnight.  The days of biting intense heat have given way to sunny cooler days with current water temps in the low 80’s.  Nothing wrong with hot, but it sure is nice to have a little change to break our endless summer.  SO here we are just ahead of lots of change and change is the name of the game.

Looking at things on the water, you can expect many opportunities among the changes that are in progress.  Take a box of puzzle pieces and dump it on the table.  This is how every trip begins…flip a piece, here is another face up….and another.  I know where the fish are, but there is so much movement and change this month that it is up to us to put the pieces together to see the picture for your trip.  October has a been a great month so far.  The tuna bite offshore is great, but the fish have been on the smaller size.  On the reef the snapper are much happier with the cooler temperatures.  This gives us a bigger window to catch cooperating fish and a greater variety of fish.  As I mentioned, there is a lot of life shuffling around day to day and tide to tide.  What shows up behind the boat today is going to be different from what is there tomorrow.  All good things as grouper, jacks, mackerel and who knows is pushing through following huge schools of migrating bait.

On the bayside, the mangrove snapper and back in good numbers and lots of rod bending fish are with them.  Ladyfish, jacks, grouper and some mackerel are showing up there too.  The sharks are coming back and shark trips are back on the list of options.  Many trips we split 50/50 fishing for dinner and bait and then catching sea monsters for sport.

As the temperatures are falling, the lobster are on the move.  We have had record hot water this year making the lobstering much less productive than expected.  As we cool, the distribution of lobster is much better and they have migration on their little brains too.  The trips this past week are yielding 1.5 keepers per hole, so the group that is good at quickly processing spots is reaping the rewards.

Back on the reef snorkeling and spearfishing is getting better too.  It seems the moon jellyfish have really thinned out and the water quality is returning to a more normal condition.  I expect clearer water coming soon with more life returning to the shallows that has been too hot for them to stick around for this past summer.

The boat spent some time in the yard the past few weeks getting many new upgrades to provide better service for the next few years.  I’m now powered by a pair of brand new 2015 Suzukis that are quieter, more efficient and faster than my last set of engines.  Add new steering, wiring and a few other upgrades, I have a better boat for you to enjoy your day on the water with.  All good things!!  I look forward to my returning customers and many new ones for the 2015-2016 season.  Each year I get smarter, better and more experienced to provide my guests with an overall more refined experience.  One thing about better is better is always better!  Let’s get back out there and make some reel adventures!  Thanks to all that have helped me live my dream and supported my passion for adventure!!!  I am beyond fortunate to share these days with you and bring you into my world to see what it is all about.


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