Enjoy Your Maycation!

May 4th, 2016

We are entering one of the “sweet spots” of the year where we have so many things working in favor for your fun.  Coming out of our seasonal winds, we can expect longer stretches of nice days, clear warm water and new fish coming into our area.

The past few weeks my groups have been focusing on fishing the deep reef for yellowtail snapper.  It is more of an early bite, but when we have the right conditions we are limiting out with 10 fish per person.  It is great family fun catching fast and powerful fish.  They challenge the best of anglers and also are nothing short of delicious!

full limits of yellowtail

full limits of yellowtail

May 1st marks the opening of Grouper season.  The weather has been sporty keeping us off the deep reef, but there are a few out there for those willing to battle these reef bullies.  Just be prepared to have your butt kicked!!

Offshore fishing is about to kick in high gear with dolphin (Mahi) and tuna being the main targets.  It is still early season, so we typically see more quality fish and the numbers come in June and July.  The tuna are here in numbers and will wear you out in short order with multiple simultaneous hook ups.

Other featured fisheries are catch and release shallow water sharks and tarpon.  Both will pull like craazy and make drag screaming runs and give you the battle of your life.  With the sharks, we have a high hook to landing ratio and the tarpon is a lot of luck with moderate angling skills to get 1 to the boat.  Just depends on what your priorities are!

1 of many sharks caught and released

1 of many sharks caught and released

In the water activities are great right now.  I’ve had lots of snorkeling and a few spearfishing trips.  There is an abundance of sea turtles around the past few weeks and every single trip my customers have had the good fortune to swim with one.  The water has been really clear and it is just about as good as it gets.  I have added 3 new quality mermaid tails to my bag of tricks and this can be added on to your adventure for a small extra wear and tear fee.  Just ask and I will be happy to give you your options.

Check out those  tails!!

Check out those tails!!

May looks to be an awesome month to play and there is so much to do.  My schedule is filling up, but there is plenty of availability to get you on the water.  Keep in mind I do not answer my phone when I am on my trips.  When you call me it stops my music, so I know you’re calling, so do my customers. I usually get to my calls and emails in the evening.  Please do not call me multiple times asking what my availability is.  My availability can be checked on my site here under “reservations.”  I do not know what my availability is unless I come home, turn on my computer and go to my website to check.  I’m on a boat in the ocean.  Same thing I say on my voicemail, so I hope that helps some of you interested.  I want to answer any of your specific questions, but I have designed my website to answer all common questions, show you what I offer, how much it costs, when I am available and allow you to book it easily and quickly with a deposit.  This website is my secretary because I’m on the water more than on land!!


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