Quickie Early July Update

July 6th, 2017

I just wanted to keep everybody in the loop. I’ve been on the water every day and it is hard to get to the calls and questions that come my way. This is the best way to tell you how it is!
Lobster Mini Season is coming and I am booked. I might add a second boat next year if this year goes well. No I don’t know who else is open, probably nobody to be completely honest. You waited too long.
In the water activities have been pretty good. It has been really day to day and there is no predictability to the conditions we will have as far as visibility goes. The biggest issue I see is I’m still stuck in the customer equipment failure zone on 100% of my trips. What that means is you didn’t prepare for your trip and your crap breaks 100% of the time. If your gear is broken, it doesn’t fit, you don’t know how it works or is out of the box new and fogs up because it wasn’t properly cleaned before the first use, it makes no difference what is happening below the water because you won’t be there to see it. Make sense? Just invest a little time making sure you are ready for your trip.

Dry Rotted Fins and a new mask that doesn’t work……..every trip

Fishing has been really good most of the time. We have had some hot hot calm days where it was a little slow and more than average windy days that has added more motion in the ocean beyond my customer’s abilities, but in between has been really good on the reef and offshore. The most critical factor is sun and the time of the day. Do NOT book an afternoon fishing trip if my morning trip is booked. You can, but you will have a hot captain, a hot trip and fish that wait until the last 5 minutes of your trip to bite because they are not feeding during the heat of the day. That’s when you want to be in the water cooling off, so please book morning fishing trips to ensure a better outcome.

July is a great month to play in and on the water. Please understand there is far more to consider than the concept that you want to do something. Please communicate with me to help yourself understand the scope of the activities and environment you will be in for an extended period of time. Spend some time looking through the helpful information I have organized on my website to help you choose the best activity for your group and have the best experience possible. July is hot. We have a ton of options and going with the flow is going to be the best route. If you have any additional questions that aren’t clearly answered here, please give me a call after 7pm.
305 481-0589

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