March 2018 and Spring Break

March 2nd, 2018

We just finished a warm February and we are heading into the March Spring Break transition. Right now we are deep into some great fishing opportunities and Spring never disappoints with the opportunities of getting in on a wide variety of adventures. It is just a matter of figuring out what your group wants to do and having the right conditions to get it done! It’s difficult to predict what we will catch on your trip among the diversity of fish that will be pouring through.  You can check out my Facebook page and spend a few minutes looking at my previous customer catches to help give you an idea of what is going on day to day.
Starting with fishing, I sure can’t complain for what we have seen going through February. Most of my standard patterns for this time of year have been way off, but the fisheries that have replaced what isn’t working is more than making up for the change. On the deep reef, the yellowtail snapper have been upgraded to a late spring spawning size with the bigger fish over 20″ and pushing well above legal grouper size!

A giant Yellowtail Snapper 26″

On the windy days we have fished the calmer shallow waters on the bay side for big mangrove snapper and played with some tackle testing sharks when my customers ask for a butt kicking.

A excellent catch of Mangrove Snapper

A healthy Black Tip shark

Conditions for in the water trips have improved dramatically since last month.  The past week or so some really pretty blue water has pushed in on the main reef and even close to shore.  Today the reef was glowing neon blue with 76 degree water temperatures and 1 foot seas.  We will see plenty of ups and downs for our weather and conditions, but if your timing is right there are some great in the water trips to be had.  I have run ZERO  in the water trips for maybe 5 months now.  It has been a long crawl out of the after affects of Hurricane Irma.  We have come a long way and I see all returning to what we knew as normal.  Always be proactive and look at the weather forecast before booking if your trip it is of more of a last minute thing.  Longer term bookings, keep an eye on our local weather and contact me if you see a conflict for your activity.  Spearing trips will be substituted with rod and reel trips if conditions are not appropriate.  I have had almost no information on lobstering.  I usually do not offer late/end of season lobster trips because they just are not here.  If you are interested in a lobster trip between now and April 1, please call me so we can talk about the reality of the situation.

For my Spring Breakers, there is plenty of fun to be had if you want an alternative to fishing or snorkeling. A trip to the sand bar is a great way to spend the day where you can have a few cocktails, collect some shells, do some light duty snorkeling, play in mermaid tails and chill out on some floaties and catch some rays. Remember, I offer custom trips, so if there is something you are interested in, just ask! I always do my best to make it happen. If I can’t do it, It probably isn’t that fun!

Locally, we are doing really well here in the middle keys.  Another month further away from Hurricane Irma has put more distance from the wound and given us more time to repair.  There are a ton of people here in town and everything seems to be pretty normal in day to day operation.  I find my recent guests are having trouble seeing anything related to what they saw on the news following the storm.  That’s a really good thing because it means we are getting there.  Many businesses are still closed.  Many are close to reopening.  It isn’t anything like it was 2 months ago, so going forward we are doing pretty well.

A nice Permit

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