Me, You and Everything September

September 5th, 2018

I want to begin by thanking my customers.  The good, the bad and everybody in between.  You are my business and my business is to bring the best adventures I can find on the water and offer you what essentially is a highly concentrated experience of fun or success in a short amount of time.   Fun is the reason I believe you book these adventures with me.  Allow me to elaborate.

People are changing and times are changing.  It just seems what once was relatively easy is overly complicated now.  I essentially have a formula for success for my trips.  It is designed to be easy for you and me and that is the foundation for having fun.  Please understand, I can accommodate nearly anybody to a degree, but what I offer is not for everybody.  July and August I had many clients that were just not a good fit for what they chose as an activity for their group.  Sure, that is going to happen.  I get it, but it is happening way too much.  My activities have descriptive details as to what is involved and many activities have minimum requirements needed for the activity to be successful.  That is in place to weed out potential guests that will not be a good fit.

My 4 hour reef trips are an easy fun trip for almost anybody.  That’s a safe bet for most groups, but if only 2 people want to fish and they brought along 3 other people that just tagged along and didn’t take any motion sickness meds or do anything to prepare..guess what?  That’s not going to work 90% of the time.  My lobstering trips, my spearing trips and my offshore trips..same deal.  If you only meet 1/3 of the minimum requirement for the activity, what were you thinking was going to happen on your trip?  Failure and learning are a part of every trip.  There is always a learning process in what I do with you.  I’m happy to provide as much instruction and guidance needed for you to find success.  4, 6, 8 hours of grinding through a trip where instruction isn’t getting you anywhere, you are breaking my equipment or putting yourself and others in danger of being hurt isn’t anything I want to be a part of.  Too many of my customers the past few months have had no respect for the activity they chose for themselves and put little to no effort into preparing for their trip with me.  Do you know how insanely frustrating it is to have customers sea sick on flat calm seas and tell me they bought the motion sickness medication, but decided not to take them because they thought they wouldn’t need it?  My customers need to get with the program.  If you book a trip, you need to make sure ALL members of your group are prepared for what we will be doing.  1 unprepared guest invalidates hours of my work and preparation that goes into each trip.  Every trip I offer requires your entire group to make proper preparations.  The less I have to focus on fixing human issues, the more time I have to focus on what we were there to do.

Book a trip that is appropriate for your whole group.  It’s ok to leave some people at home if it isn’t for them!

As the host, make sure your guests are as prepared as you know how to be.  Share my Trip Tips link with them all!  I would like to have less of the wrong guests in my near future.  I am good with running quality trips for weeks straight without a day off.  Fixing and overcompensating for endless very preventable people problems daily for weeks straight is not my area of expertise.  There is nothing fun about it.  That is not what my business is about.

I’m going to keep the reports short since you read all of the above!  If you want pictures, there are tons of them on my Facebook business page and Instagram @captfkra.

All in the water activities…you need a long sleeve rash guard.  The moon jellyfish are here and any trip on the ocean side you will likely encounter them to some degree.  The amount you may encounter changes tide to tide and day to day.  Not too many on the bay side, but they get pushed into the bay too.  The visibility has been good on the main reef on most days.  Inside reefs have been so-so to poor visibility and the bay has been ok to good, depending on the tide.  Wind, rain and tropical disturbances will greatly affect what we will have for your booked trip.

Lobstering for me has been pretty good.  I have spent most of my booked trips getting my customers in areas they can participate in the activity, which isn’t really the same areas where the lobster are.  That 8 second breath hold and 8ft depth won’t get you much, so make sure you meet my minimum requirements for the activity.

Lobstering is a ton of work and falling short of the minimum requirement will make your day really tough

Fishing on the reef has been good early for yellowtail, mangrove and mutton snapper.

Offshore the tuna bite has been excellent and there are a few random dolphin around here and there if we come across the right scenario.

Things have been good.  We are heading into our slower part of our tourism season, but fishing remains good.  Just watch the weather and arm yourself with information to make good decisions.  I look forward to having some fun trips is September!

A large Snowy Grouper

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