October Outlook 2019

October 1st, 2018

I’m going to keep this update a little shorter than normal. We are about half way through slow season and I have been working hard at updating and upgrading the boat when I’m not fishing. Everything is pretty good now for nearly any activity you are looking to do. Not the best, not the worst, somewhere right in the middle depending on conditions for the day. It is still hot here on most days, so for fishing, it is all about early and late. We are heading into Fall, but the water is still really warm and the best fishing is during the lower light periods or if we catch a break and get a cloudy day. The reef bite is pretty good for yellowtail and mangrove snapper.  The mangrove snapper are moving back to the bay side of the islands making a presence on the lobster holes and wrecks. This is helpful on the windy days because the shallower waters provide much calmer conditions and good catches.  Further offshore, the tuna fishing is really good…if you can get them past the sharks! We have no problem hooking them, but the landing ratio can be low, sometimes down to about 50%. Not all bad considering how many chances you get, but it is nothing short of a race to get your fish into the boat! Dolphin fishing continues to be spotty at best and there is always a chance of coming across a pack of them, but it is about getting lucky and being in the right place at the right time!

A solid catch of Tuna and Dolphin from offshore

In the water activities are still a great option! Snorkeling and spearfishing on the ocean side are a good choice to beat the heat. The water clarity has been good to fair to great depending on the tide. You just never know day to day, but 30ft has been about the average. The moon jellyfish are here more on than off and wearing a long sleeve rash guard this time of year is the way to go! Some days and tides are better than others, so being prepared is going to keep you protected from bumping into them. Spearfishing has been pretty good. There is no concentration of fish to rely on, but moving around frequently and making the most of presented opportunities is key to being successful.   Typically we are focused on snapper, jacks and a few mackerel.  As we roll into October, we will see the beginnings of fish migrations ahead of the first cold fronts of the year, so things should be improving from this point forward. Just a reminder, mermaid tails are an option to ADD ON to your in the water activities. I have 8 tails to fit nearly all sizes and am working this into my charter offerings. This is a conditional activity, so it is hard to say what we can do because it depends on the weather and the conditions that we will be operating in. The goal is to turn you into mermaids and get a photo or video shoot of you in action to make a fun memory. Please call me to discuss if you have any specific questions or want to set up a custom trip. I expect this to grow in popularity and look for new mermaid videos coming or check back on my photo gallery on my Facebook page to see what we have done so far. The photo shoots to this point have been great!!!

Be a mermaid!!

Be a mermaid!!

Lobstering is still on the list of activities and there is still some areas of concern here for my future trips for October/November. I know you are paying a lot of money to do this and you want to walk away with as many lobster as humanly possible. It is my job, I understand every element of this, I fully understand every element of this. The lobster fishery here is changing every season and I have been evolving my operation to keep my customers on a good day of catching.  My normal spots have been  spotty and slow. That has been the trend since season opened this year.

An excellent catch for these first time lobsterers

My new areas have been good, but are highly subject to tidal conditions.  They are micro patterns that are a little more challenging than my open water spots.  Save me the agony of a 30 minute phone call of you asking me 30 times 30 different ways of how many lobster you are going to catch on your trip. I don’t know. I’m not in control of that. I have plenty of spots for you to dive. The lobster move every night to a new spot. The more spots we hit on your trip, the better our catch will be. My biggest issue is many of my customers do not meet the basic entry level skill requirements I post on my lobster info page. It doesn’t matter if there are any lobster on the spot you’re diving if you don’t have the ability to identify where they are at, dive to them and catch them.  I strongly encourage you and your active participants, to make sure you are prepared to do what I need you to do. “I can see them” doesn’t catch you a lobster!   Never has a customer described this as being”easy.” Lobstering should remain good to the beginning of November and then it is pretty much done.

These ladies teamed up to catch 10 lobster

In summary, now is a great time to get in on most everything you are interested in.  I will be rested, the boat will be shined up and the crowds are long gone.  Maybe a little hot, some days breezy or rainy, but nothing beats a great day on the water in the Florida Keys!  Thanks to all of my customers that have supported and recommended my business to others.  I work my butt off to give you the best day I can provide, in hopes of earning your business back next year.  I am beyond grateful to be me doing what I do.  This is my passion and I enjoy bringing my local knowledge and a diversity of activities for you and your family to enjoy.  Thank you all, let’s do it again soon!!

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Calling after 6pm is always the best way to reach me when my day on the water is done. I will return your voicemail asap.

First time spearo with his catch

A solid half day reef catch

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