January 2020 Outlook

January 21st, 2020

I’m getting this report out very late, but for good reasons. Lots of days on the water! We have had a really warm start to the year, which has allowed my customers to get in and on the water on many adventures. Typically we see cooler and breezy days that often dictates what we can do. That weather just arrived and we will have to adjust accordingly. There is plenty of time in January to get your adventure in and here is how.

Fishing has been excellent! Now through the middle of Spring we have an incredibly strong patch reef fishery that is ideal for families. It’s close to shore, rather shallow and offers more than a dozen species that are well suited for beginning anglers and the guys that think they know what they are doing. This is volume fishing with tons of action that keeps anglers fully engaged. There isn’t any down time, so my anglers rotate in and out taking turns. It’s catching, catching and more catching! This fishery is the safest bet and is fishable in most conditions.

A large patch reef mutton snapper

Bay fishing is a good choice for when the wind is a bit too high on the ocean side or anglers have motion sickness issues. The shallower waters provide calmer conditions and usually easier fishing scenarios on the technique side. Super easy for kids. We are commonly catching snapper, grouper, jacks and mackerel. This too is volume fishing and offers tons of action for anglers.

An excellent bay snapper catch

Fishing the deep reef, deep wrecks and offshore has been great too. These trips are geared more towards experienced anglers that understand fishing fundamentals and seek the challenge of refining techniques to target specific species. We have had good catches of tuna, kingfish, amberjacks, yellowtail snapper, grouper and mutton snapper. These trips are a more weather and conditions sensitive activity, which adds to the ease or difficulty of what goes into making it successful.

An African Pompano from a deep wreck

In the water trips for snorkeling and spearing have been limited since about Christmas. We have had warmer weather, but conditions have been challenged in the form of dirty water, jellyfish and wind/waves. Our shots at in the water activities are highly conditional, so when you book these trips, please understand I want you to be able to do it in conditions I would consider “good.” I will always communicate the reality of the expected conditions for the proposed trip, but we have to have a plan B in place to allow the trip to be run. I don’t want to put you in anything less than good conditions for the sake for making money. I have to run trips to be in business, so plan B for in the water trips can or will be fishing, island exploring or something reasonable per conditions.

Snorkeling at Sombrero Reef

I want to finish by thanking my customers that made 2019 so great. The business is growing. The boat is constantly being updated and upgraded. I’m doing all I can to provide a better experience for my guests. I have many variables and challenges that go into making each trip special, unique and successful. I do have one constant challenge that I can’t change or prepare for that affects each trip. You, my customer, determine the vibe, energy, chemistry, flow, success and ease or difficulty of your trip. It starts in the booking process. You have to book the right trip for your group and tell me all about your group, your restrictions and your needs. You have to prepare for your trip using the information I provide in “Trip Tips.” . When a group rolls up you better believe I am passing judgement from years of experience and I am adjusting my plan for your trip before we even leave the dock. When any group shows up empty handed I already know that the lack of preparation that I instantly recognize will affect my trip and the plan gets dialed way back. I want all my guests to have an A+ trip. I encourage all of my guests to INVEST in your trip with me. My reality is I often work with guests that are completely unprepared, have no idea what we are doing, suffer from extreme medical issues that restrict what we can do and can’t follow along with 2 and 3 step basic instructions. These are very common challenges I have and I produce great trips all of the time. I finish these trips and reflect on how it could have been better. There are always things that can be refined and improved on my end. I do that because I am invested in my business and the experiences I offer. When you book a trip with me, be my partner in your experience. Show up on time, prepared and ready to learn and you have created a positive foundation for me to build a great trip around. Create a fun atmosphere for me to share time with your group and you will get the best of me. Create am atmosphere where there is numerous people problems, derail my systems of success I have in place and work me harder than the 110% I give for each trip and you have bypassed any sort of fun trip for me. Fun is shared, so let’s keep it fun.

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