June Outlook

June 2nd, 2020

Who freaking knows, right??!!

Things are all out of sorts, but we are stronger and better than what is happening around us. Pretty nice option right now is to come visit the Florida Keys and put some distance on this nonsense.

Huge Mutton Snapper

I do know that I am lucky to be here with a healthy charter business in the Florida Keys! The biggest June news is the Florida Keys are open and I want to start with some information about where we are at and what is going on. I’m getting lots of questions and nearly everybody does not know our status.

Quarantine cocktails Keys style

We are OPEN, but not to how it was the last time you were here. I want you to come as a responsible and prepared visitor. WE have been cut off from you for 10 weeks and have kept our viral cases at a fraction of nearly anywhere else. That happened because we took many precautions, had reasonable awareness and put in a solid effort locally. The biggest reason why this matters is because we have very limited resources here, we all shop at the same places and we have virtually no medical facilities. Certainly no facilities to deal with any outbreak of any size. Understand?

You must wear a mask to enter any business in Monroe county. I suggest you have several per person. You will be turned away at every store if you are not wearing your mask. We do not care what you think or where you are from, wear a mask. Do not show up to my trip without a buff of mask for each person. You can purchase them at the marina where I pick up, but please show up prepared. You do not have to wear a mask on your trip with me. Just know that you will not go into the marina for any reason unless you have a mask on. Simple rule.

face masks are not required during your trip with me, but are required to enter any indoor business locally. Don’t leave home without it!!

Bring some of what you will need and use here. Our supplies are limited. Paper products and every kind of hygiene product that was gone from store shelves 2 months ago is still very limited in supply here. Your presence will dramatically increase that demand. Many of our store shelves are still empty of those supplies. If you have it where you live and want it here, you better bring it here. Think of it a little more like a camping trip. If you don’t bring it, we will run out of it and will quickly become a major issue…..again. We don’t want or need that.

Think ahead about what you are doing. Plan ahead. Designate somebody to be the grocery shopper. Send 1 person to pick up the take out meal. Don’t bring out 6 people to do what 1 person can do. You might not understand, but believe me, it matters a ton. Keep your numbers down, don’t clog up the stores that are operating on a capacity maximum because you and I will be waiting outside a store while a family of 6 shops and browses through an entire store and buys nothing, while you need to go in to get 1 thing. It’s frustrating as hell. Just don’t do it. The selfishness you see everywhere can not happen here. You being here requires more thought and courtesy. To remain operational, we have to work together to a higher human standard than what is common these days. We, as a community, have done a fine job. You will be a part of our community when you are here. Separating yourself from us and having any air of entitlement will get you the exact opposite of what you want. That is all helpful information that I want you to know! We want you here! You are welcome here, but we also want to keep stability in our fragile island world.

the clearest water with only crowds of fish

For my business, everything is sorta good. I am ready for you. The boat is all serviced up and waiting for you. The water has been insanely clear. Fishing has been really good. I think I only fished 4 times in May and it was better than normal. All the same normals apply to preparing for a trip in June. It is hot. Early starts are key to success. We are in rainy season. Plan every trip expecting rain.

This is our window for our fishing trip today. Rainy Season is here!!

Over plan and over prepare for your trip. It absolutely blows my mind beyond words, but I still have customers booking trips without filling out my “notes” section in the booking process. If you choose to not tell me who you are, how many of you there are and what we are doing for how long I have nothing to plan for. That’s 100% your choice. Please read and follow the simple instructions upon booking your charter. I’m not going to chase you down on your vacation for this information. Work with me and there are rarely ever issues. Put the effort in so we can enjoy the same desired outcome.

A GIANT Snowy Grouper

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