Mid July Report

July 11th, 2020

I’m going to keep this report really simple. Things are ok here. All the things I had hoped for for a responsible reopening didn’t happen, so we are month 2 into a new spring break like daily reality. Today is July 11th, so I’m on a 41 day stretch of charters in record heat. I’m really busy and it’s really hot here with occasional doses of intense tropical rain events.

Fishing has been good. DO NOT BOOK A 4 HOUR AFTERNOON (1-5pm) REEF TRIP for any reason. If I have to, I will run it, but you will not get the trip you want and your discomfort will be at the highest level you can tolerate. Your suffering will much greater than whatever you end up catching. Not my rules. It’s too hot. Our reef water is currently 88 degrees and we have been setting unprecedented heat records this year like it is our job. Fishing has been good early on the reef. Offshore tuna has been really consistent. The dolphin got really small the past few weeks. We have had really calm conditions, so we have been filling the lulls with deep dropping and catching some giant grouper here and there. It can be boring, but when it works it’s amazing!

The BEST option right now is a 4 hour morning fish/snorkel trip. We leave the dock at 7:15am, fish for 2 hours or so and finish snorkeling among our best options for visibility. That will be the crowd pleaser for the rest of summer if it continues to remain this hot. It is a fun and easy trip for most groups.

I am booked for lobster mini season this month. No, I do not know who else can help you. I no longer offer spearfishing trips, no I do not know who can help you.

My business remains open and healthy. The Keys look to remain open despite anything. I would like to have healthy and responsible people on my boat. I can ask you that you don’t expose me to a compromised situation, but I see what happens at the dock and who is coming and going. I’m really at the mercy of everybody that visits here. My real world situation is I am working every day because I don’t believe what is happening to us in the Keys is sustainable.

Final note, all of my trips have been really really good….except for a few that completely miss the normal bracket. Conditions have been good. The activities and fishing and everything has been good. All the information I have organized and put in front of you on my website is designed to help you on the day of your trip. Somewhere between 3 and 30 minutes in I can tell you how your trip is going to go. Chances are, you are not the person I am talking about if you are reading this. If you choose to not to prepare, you derail all my best efforts and intentions. I will be playing defense to you. If you are paying me to be me, I will give you the best I can until I conclude my input will not create a better outcome for you. Then we do you. Not everybody needs to catch a ton of fish to have a good trip. It is ok to be completely unprepared and silly about everything you do on board as long as you are having a good time. I’m in the fun business, so there are boundaries. Invest in your trip and you will have a great trip and so will I. Stay healthy everybody and I hope to see you soon!!!

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