August Fish and Dive Report

August 12th, 2020

So much to say, I don’t know where to start. We have been really busy here. There has been a lot going on.

I have deleted many drafts of this and I am posting this super late because the topic is difficult. I have far too many people getting sick on my boat. I have a lack of customer preparation problem. There is a simple solution. I feel if you are reading this, you are likely more prepared than most. It might not be your issue, but I have to provide the information so you can prepare properly.

Visit my Trip Tips page. Follow the instructions. Take your medication in 2 cycles. Read and follow the directions of the medicine you are taking. Make sure everyone in your group is prepared.

If you don’t know how members in your group will be on a day on the boat, take meds!!! It is like insurance!!! You can go to your doctor and get prescription meds if you think there might be a problem. You can book a reef or bay trip, not an offshore trip, if you are not sure about your status! I had +2 weeks straight of people puking on my boat for absolutely no reason in perfect sea conditions. Broken record response “we didn’t think we needed meds, this is the first time this has ever happened, we have never been offshore before, we bought it but didn’t take it…” Understand where I am coming from?

Here’s what I want you to do for August:

Pick the right trip for your group. Not every trip I offer may be the right trip for your group. Invest in your trip. Learn about what you are doing. Maybe watch a video so you have some understanding of how to fight a fish on light tackle or catch a lobster. I’ll gladly teach you all of what is necessary. I have some customers that can’t learn. I have some that are slower than normal on picking up on the catching techniques. That’s ok. It’s up to you entirely.

Prepare each member of your group. If you book the trip and prepare only yourself, you are as strong as the weakest member in your group. When that weak link breaks and derails my plans, they will derail the plans I had for your optimal trip. Cover up your skin, protect yourselves from our tropical sun and bring lots of drinks. Show up on time. Being early is a planned choice, being late is a planned choice too. Maybe this makes me sound harsh, I don’t care how it comes off. The marina I operate out of is so busy. My empty boat taking up dock space pisses people off waiting to get into my space. It create a lot of tension, so showing up early is a good choice for everybody. There is sooooooo much that goes into each trip, you have no idea what happens before and after each trip to make your trip work. When you don’t prepare as I need you to, you invalidate my efforts and take away the choices I have made for your trip based on you being normal and prepared guests on my boat. I will be a good people problem solver on your trip and do what you hired me to do too. I have a nice office on the nice days and a fun job when it is fun. You can prevent my trips from being not fun for me by preparing properly. I have a “notes” section you can tell me about all the unique elements of your group, so I can prepare in different ways. That helps all of us!!

So, fishing is good. The reef has been really good early before 10am. If the conditions are good, the bite goes on longer. Do not book an afternoon half day trip unless you are booking a night reef trip. You can, the fishing just won’t be of the quality I want for you. The later we start, the less fish you catch.

Offshore has been good and getting better the past week. The tuna have been good and consistent. The dolphin have reappeared and are of better average size than they have been for many weeks. It got pretty tough through most of July. The dolphin can still be hit or miss, but generally there has been enough to make a good day out there.

Lobster mini season passed with the normal doses of managed chaos. From what I saw, we had large pockets of hot dirty inshore water in the shallower areas and bridge areas. Where we did have visibility, we did not have much presence of a healthy biomass. We put our time in and made a good day of it, but all based on diving the maximum number of spots. Keep in mind the diving requirements apply to anybody wishing to catch a lobster. You can catch a lobster if you are short on my requirements. Your struggle will be ours to share if you have under a 30 second working breath hold. Please thoroughly review my information on lobstering. It’s a reality thing that you can’t cheat. Lobstering 2 weeks into season now has been really really tough. It is clear that things are changing out there with the resource and more people than ever are heavily using the resource. We are catching short lobster and a handful of keepers each trip. It should get better once kids go back to school and the massive crowds thin out a little on the water.

On a similar topic, some customers have noticed there is no spearfishing information on my site anymore. Yes, no more spearfishing. Years of unprepared customers with no respect for the resource have invalidated any reason to offer spearfishing trips. I am doing my best to offer the most activities I can for your vacation options. I love what I do when I have customers that are prepared and can do the activity. We are partners in these trips and when we are working together, everything is awesome. I like it when everything is awesome. Let’s fix the puking thing and go from there

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