March and Spring Break

March 8th, 2021

My March schedule is pretty much booked solid. I’ll skip self promotion and focus on more helpful information to guide you in making a decision for what type of charter to book for April and beyond and how to prepare for this months activities. Just a reminder, my 2021 Lobster Mini Season dates are currently open. Only way to book the trip is to fill out my contact form with your details about your group/divers. I am selecting the appropriate groups for this years trips.

Preparing properly is the key to having my trips go smoothly through March. It’s hard to cover all the topics and situations I encounter daily/weekly. However, the same issues my customers encounter are repeated frequently

First, Covid……I want to thank all of my customers for not coming aboard cold/flu sick. I’m glad I haven’t been put in a tough position to cancel a trip on a judgement call based on my client’s health. 12 years of operation on my boat, I have never even come close to making it all the way through fall/winter/spring without having dozens of sick people on board, which gets me sick and costs everybody trips. I’m really impressed, but don’t let this streak end. I’m not going to preach. I know things are getting more casual, but do not show up sick. My standards will not change. I run a clean boat and a healthy business. Let’s keep that moving forward by working together to keep our standards high.

Your skin protection is a huge factor in your trip and comfort. I know it’s been cold where you are from, but it has been hotter than ever here since January 1. It requires plenty of thought and planning to protect yourself for just 1 day out with me. Hat, sunglasses, buff, long sleeve quick dry shirt are pretty close to absolutely necessary. If you are fair skinned, you might need to even cover the top of your feet! Everybody has to prepare. I’m in it every day and I will burn in 30 minutes if I choose to not cover up. Our sun is stronger than you think or can manage out of the gates of winter. On the same topic, I have many customers that are coming to me already sunburned. I totally get it. I’m not the first day of most vacations. You have to take care of your skin the moment you get here. I want you to enjoy your time out with me. Recently, I ended a trip early because I couldn’t knowingly worsen the cooking I was witnessing my customers go through(they were pre-burned).

Sea sickness is the other big trip killer. It is a constant issue. So many, if not the majority of my customers, choose to chance it or ignore it. You know you. There are plenty of sorta effective over the counter choices if you are a maybe sea sicker. If you have sensitivity to any kind of motion sickness, go get a prescription from your doctor. That will fix the problem. Done. No future conversation needed. Whatever route you go, it only works if you follow the instructions. Here is how it never works. You start to feel sick and begin popping pills. Nope! Never ever will that work. It’s also worth mentioning, hangovers and waves don’t play on the same team and are not friends. If I didn’t have to constantly battle my customers having motion sickness issues for reasons outside of my control, I can confidently say 40% of my trips wouldn’t be reversed engineered “saves” that operated completely chasing issues and not what we set out to do as our A game plan. That’s a lot of trips!

As far as choosing a trip, it comes down to who is in your group and what you can do. I offer a lot of different activities. If you haven’t done a chosen activity before, invest in your trip a little and develop a base knowledge. It’s pretty common for my customers to book something that is above their abilities and it becomes a compromised and difficult trip. I understand that is going to happen. That’s why I invest my time here helping you with as much information as I can provide. My least favorite trips involve customers that prepare for nothing and expect everything. You, the person booking the trip, has to factor in the people in your group as well. Maybe you can do what we’re doing, but if other’s can’t, it brings the trip down. The ocean works completely differently than land activities. Understand your group and understand the activity with realistic consideration to conditions not being perfect or easy. Spring time weather throws us every kind of condition. Somebody is going to be in compromised conditions at some point. Keep that in mind.

I’ll keep this post on the shorter side. Everything is pretty good. Fishing has been good. Snorkeling will be improving with our water temperatures warming. Wind events will shut down snorkeling here and there. Keep an eye on the forecast for your trip! The sooner you reach out to me, the more likely I can have the ability to adjust your trip.

A common spring break catch

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