October Can be Scary Fun

October 3rd, 2021

October is a fantastic month of great fishing and water adventures. We have had some cooler weather to compliment most of our planned activities. This is a transitional month for our weather and the conditions can change significantly from day to day. Here is what to expect going forward and how to prepare.

Fishing is the star of October. We have already seen 2 early weak cold fronts this month, which has started our seasonal changes. The water has cooled down to the low 80’s, bait has become more plentiful and the things that eat them are filling in some of the voids from the summer stagnation. On the reef, a greater diversity of fish are moving around to offer us longer peak times for good fishing and more fisheries to choose from. Our catches are comprised of more species in the snapper, grouper, jack and mackerel families. Throw in some odd ball species and we are averaging 10 species on an inshore reef trip.

Girls day reef trip with a little sandbar fun

This trip is ideal for families, kids and experienced anglers looking to bring back some meat. Similar to a reef trip, a bay trip is a great option on windy days. The shallower depths of the bay protect us from building waves and the mostly flat and grassy bottom gives anglers a break from fish diving into rocky structure. It’s just a more friendly and easy environment for success and can be done on a morning OR afternoon trip. I want to say (if you read my previous blogs) that we are close to ending the morning trip only time of year for reef trips, so I have no issue if you wish to book an afternoon reef trip. I would wait to mid-October before booking an afternoon reef trip. Just understand, getting to the fish first matters on the main reef. Our fish are trained and conditioned. Feeding them after they possibly have been fed by somebody else may not give us the same results as a morning trip. This month something is always biting somewhere!!

Offshore fishing has continued to be productive. I have run a hand full of offshore trips the past several weeks. My trips and watching the reports it looks like it has been consistent. The dolphin fishing has been better than it should be for this time of year. It certainly is all about finding the right scenario and conditions. 27 miles offshore on the Marathon hump the tuna bite is really good this time of year. The sharks have been really bad, so you have to be on top of your game and your skills will determine if your fish makes it to the boat or a shark spoils your effort.

This is what I can see on my fish finder when your fish gets eaten my a 200lb shark. My clients fought this one for about an hour and released itself just under the boat.

Blackfin and skip jack tuna are aggressive in the morning and remain active through most of the day, especially if it is cloudy or rough. Please remember, you are my crew on these trips. This trip is suited for experienced anglers familiar with how reels and tackle work, can learn basic systems of setting lines and can handle being in heavier seas if the conditions are less than perfect. I can never say it enough, but it is helpful you understand the nature of offshore trips. We may also see some wahoo showing up as we get around the full moon . This is a risk vs. reward fishery that involves investing time and covering water to have an opportunity. It can be very boring until something happens, but the reward is a beautiful and elusive fish! Ask me if you are interested and I will let you know the specifics of your options.

Offshore dolphin trip

Lobstering is winding down. October is the last month I will offer lobster trips. We did NOT have a productive season on the recreational side. My results have been compromised, but watching how much the commercial guys have moved their traps tells me they have struggled too. October is the last month that offers warm enough water to not need a wetsuit and we have relatively stable weather to likely have ok conditions. The areas where I expect to have some success will be areas more easily impacted by tides and visibility. There is no such thing as easy lobstering anymore. It is a fun activity. You will catch some lobster. You will see some neat things along the way. Catching the legal sized lobster is the tricky part.

a well earned lobster trip

Snorkeling is still a great option for October. The cooling water can clear up more easily with less influence from algae blooms. More fish are moving and migrating in to our area. One thing to watch for is we see blooms of moon jellyfish. It is something we work with and most days are manageable to where we can find areas where they less of an issue. A rash guard is a great aid in preventing an accidental brush with a jellyfish. Like all of my activities, the more you prepare, the better your experience will be.

Finally, I want to remind you that I am a custom charter operator. I often run trips to the sandbar, a private island area, can incorporate mermaid tails and can do anything from ash scattering to sunset cruises. I have a boat that suits the activities I offer and I have plenty of experience building trips around what you want to do.

I do custom trips and can make a good time a great time

Thanks everybody for keeping me so busy in September!! I am so lucky to have had so many great trips. I am truly grateful for you choosing to charter me for your ocean adventure. Thank you!!!

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