March is Super Busy Spring Break Time

March 1st, 2022

March is the starting line for a massive wave of Spring Break vacationers and I am prepared to provide you the best possible experience on the water. The only variable is you have to communicate with me, you have to prepare using the information on my website and you have to show up on time. It’s a partnership/

If you are reading this, you are in the right place for the answers to your questions. My website is constantly updated to answer 13 years of questions from potential customers. I manage my website and make it as useful as a person answering my phone. I don’t answer my phone when I am on the water because your time with me is not the time to be doing anything other than serving you and providing the best experience I can. Sunrise to sunset its not likely when I will answer. After 7pm is usually a good time. When I get home each night, I check my bookings. I check my inquiries. I look at what lines up with my schedule, weather and reality. I deal with what is realistic and the rest is sometimes tough to get to.

My business has be better than ever. All the things I offer have been really good. Lobstering is NOT something I offer this time of year. Lobstering this time of year is a conflict of all interests, so no. August-October. I turn away 10 trips a week lately. I want you to do rewarding fun activities. It’s really easy to torture you and earn a pile of negative reviews when the water is cold and dirty. It takes managing a massive amount of variables to make lobster trips work out great.

March is still well within windy season. Expect wind in March and April. Yes, we will get some perfect days. Wind means waves, less visibility and less likely chances to have everything work out as planned. So, be flexible and realistic. Choose a likely activity for your group that all of your group can participate in. We certainly plan to do whatever you choose, but understand we can only do what the conditions allow or what your group can do. I am not a sales person selling trips. Nothing I do works without all of the ingredients being present.

I hope to see you on board soon!

super sized mutton snapper
Yup, he kissed it!

tons of fish every trip

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