Crazy Christmas Week Coming Soon

December 16th, 2022

I am in a unique position this year, so this is my heads up to my customers. I will be mostly out of cell and internet service leading up to the busiest week of the year. My schedule is mostly locked up, so I know what is coming. However, for last minute needs, concerns and communications, I will likely only be able to communicate through email periodically. Looking ahead at the long term forecast…….you better be prepared. That arctic blast will be a factor for Christmas week trips. How much and how long will be in question, but dressing in layers and taking proper measurements to prepare will be a serious consideration for your comfort of your trip. If it is cold, we are still going. If it is miserable, not likely to happen. We will see when it gets here. I’m a fisherman and not a weatherman.

So going forward, I will reach out to my first few customers in que before I leave. I will get back and hit the ground running. Many customers do not prepare their entire group. If you are not all communicating or lack awareness of the situation, your trip is not going to go well. I do my best to provide my guests with the best info. If that information stops with the person that booked the trip and nobody else has a clue as to what preparations need to be made, this is the week that it shows and affects your group/trip. Watch the weather and prepare accordingly please.

I am good. The boat is overly prepared. I’m in peak health and shape to ride through what we call “hell week” successfully. Only things that can derail my program are weather and sickness. I have addressed the weather, so sickness is what you control. Nobody that is sick can come on my boat. Collectively, we share too many common surfaces and I will get what you have. I live on an island and literally tens of thousands of travelers are poised to pass through my community. Locally, we have already experienced high levels of flu, covid and the respiratory virus ahead of the Christmas week rush. It is unfortunate, but likely somebody along the way will be sick, possibly in your group. Leave them behind. I have come to terms knowing it is unlikely I will get through winter/spring without getting something. Please consider that if your willing to put me in front of losing 5-10 charters, I will err on the side of caution to prevent that. Makes sense, right? Please use good judgement. I don’t want to be the bad guy. Germs are NOT the same anymore and our health care system here is not up to the challenges we have seen for a few years now.

Thanks for reading! I am ready to do my best to finish a memorable 2022 season. We work together to create a positive outcome. My website is my secretary and has the answers to 13 years of customer questions along with all of my business information. Watch the weather leading up to your trip. Contact me by email for the next week at I will do my best to return your communication. Safe travels!!

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