March 4th, 2023

Welcome Spring Breakers and winter refugees! If you are reading this, you are in the right place for the answers to your questions. My website is constantly updated to answer 13 years of questions from potential customers. I manage my website and make it as useful as a person answering my phone when I can’t. I don’t answer my phone when I am on the water because your time with me is not the time to be doing anything other than serving you and providing the best experience I can. Sunrise to sunset its not likely when I will answer. After 6-7 pm is usually a good time. When I get home each night it takes me a little time to get plugged in to what I missed while I was on the water. Be patient if you have not heard from me. I have very little information until I look at how my schedule, weather and reality line up.

March is still well within windy season. Expect wind in March and April. Yes, we will get some perfect days. Wind means waves, less visibility and less likely chances to have everything work out as planned. So, be flexible and realistic. Choose a likely activity for your group that all of your group can participate in. We certainly plan to do whatever you choose, but understand we can only do what the conditions allow or what your group can do. I am not a sales person selling trips. Nothing I do works without all of the ingredients being present.

You have lots of options for your spring break adventure on the water with me. Most of the things I offer have been really good. Lobstering is NOT something I offer this time of year. Lobstering this time of year is a conflict of all interests, so no. August-October is when I offer these trips It’s really easy to torture you when the water is cold and dirty and there are few lobster to catch. Yes, season is open. It’s not worth it.

half day bay trip

Reef fishing has and will continue to be the star of the show. We have been experiencing well above average temperatures which has pushed some summer fish patterns in early. Yellowtail snapper, mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, mackerel and catch and release grouper have been keeping my anglers busy. This is a great option if you wish to catch a variety of fish and bring home some fillets for lunch or dinner. Experience is helpful, but this is a great activity for beginners and advanced anglers.

an excellent reef catch

Snorkeling has come into play again as the waters have been fairly warm. I have seen 77 degree water temperatures for a week or so now and our warm pattern does not look like it will change. We have seen some incredibly clear water periods in between wind events. Conditions are always changing, but I will give you the most accurate information and take you to the best places to maximized your snorkeling experience. Don’t forget sandbar trips are also an option, especially on the windy days when a cocktail enjoyed in the water is our best option.

Thanks for reading! I hope to spend a day on the water with you!

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