Lobstering Update

June 20th, 2023

Lobster time is coming up soon. Already I’m getting lots of inquiries and a few problems. I am not offering mini season lobster trips for 2023. However, I would love to take you fishing far away from the crowds for those 2 days! That’s what I’m offering.

I do not know who else is offering lobster trips. I suggest you do your research and make a decision based on what you find. The most important question you could ask another operator is “do you have insurance coverage for snorkelers?” Only 2 or 3 marine insurance companies are willing to get involved with the liability of insuring you in the water, especially on a private uninspected vessel(a typical charter boat). Charter liability insurance covers you inside a boat. Some better policies may cover you at the dock or place where you get picked up. The past year or so, my liability insurance has nearly doubled and my boat had to be inspected to bind the policy to insure you in the water. If your operator doesn’t know if you’re covered while snorkeling, sandbaring or lobstering, the answer is no. Hopefully that helps you a little. Most people do not know who is insured for what and nobody ever asks me if my operation is safe and if I have proper insurances and licenses for what I do. Fortunately, I do. Many/most do not.

Regular lobster season opens on August 6th. I am offering regular season trips up to about Halloween. Lobster season has become a high use, high demand activity that sees a ton of pressure. I can not predict what you are going to catch or what the conditions will be like. There are an infinite set of variables involved in each trip. For mini season, this place gets hammered. The fishery then closes for about a week and regular season opens. Regular season opener is also very busy. The resource gets hammered again. I like lobstering in September and October if I had a choice. Hopefully a few tropical weather systems come through and move people off the water and allow lobsters to migrate around. They get wiped out and don’t move around much when it is really nice and if there is a full moon. I have hundreds of spots. Sometimes they are more over here than over there. I take you there. I am invested in your success. I take you to where your group can find success in the actual diving for lobsters. I have some tough, nasty and mean places lobsters are commonly at. Probably not a good spot for you, so we go where you are likely to be able to do it.

I do take payment in full now before lobster trips leave the dock. Here is why. Many years of trying to get my customers up to par for what we are doing hasn’t been as successful as I would like. We are lobster diving. I have minimum requirements so we don’t have additional challenges. By the time reality and skill sets come together, I’m in 4 feet of water in areas that have been hit hundreds of times by other boats………..because 4 feet of water isn’t where the lobster are. If that’s all your group can do, we are doing it. Taking payment first ensures I get paid for your reserved time with me. I have had every unfavorable scenario pop up and I was very nice and understanding about it. Now, my income will not be negatively impacted due to lack of customer ability or participation. We can go to the sand bar or go back to the dock at any time before your allotted time is over if you choose. My feelings won’t be hurt if you are willing to ignore the information I have provided you to help ensure you have a good trip.

Lobster diving is a fun activity for groups that meet my minimum requirements. It is challenging and at times can be hard. If you do it right, work hard and have some luck, chances are you will go home with some lobster. You will get a ton of exercise, see some neat stuff along the way and catch some lobster. That is the nuts and bolts of the trip.

If the weather or conditions are unfavorable when we discuss your trip during your 48 hour check in call, you will have additional options to make a positive outcome for your planned trip. Sometimes we just can’t go lobstering because of visibility, current or whatever. We can adjust a little. If there is a weather conflict the day of your trip, your deposit will be refunded in full. If the conditions are tough, we just have to work through it. I love perfect conditions, but the ocean always has challenges for what I do.

Read my Lobster Info to see if this activity is a good match for your group. This is not for everybody. I can sell 200 lobster trips that suck to people that have no clue about anything. I choose to invest in 20 trips a season with groups that are also invested and prepared to succeed. That’s what makes my business successful and validates my reputation as a high quality charter operation. If you’re not sure about lobstering, start with a morning half day fishing trip with some snorkeling. If snorkeling goes well, let’s go lobstering the next trip.

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