October Report

October 6th, 2023

I see the changes! The water is cooling off. The air has less bite to it. Birds and bait are returning to our area. We are finally outside of the hottest summer in history. So glad it is behind us!!! What remains of our summer weather is a typically stable period of weather that gives us unlimited options for the month.

Lobster season remains open for many more months, but my lobster season typically ends after Halloween. There are worthwhile numbers of lobster still out there, but once the water temperatures fall below 80 degress, the wet/dry cycles you experience will make you uncomfortable and cold. That will drag the fun level way down quickly. Also, as our windy weather kicks in with the first few cold fronts of the year the visibility and conditions go down rapidly. So, now is the time if you want to go catch some lobster and have fun doing it.

First time lobstering

The conditions on our reefs have made world news this summer. We were so lucky to not be impacted by the 5,000 mile wide seaweed blob or any major hurricanes. We certainly did not see heat disaster as being a threat. Short story, our water got too hot for way too long and we lost a significant amount of coral and reef life. That will have a negative affect at some point to be seen. For now, our reef water has returned to a reasonable temperature and fishing is returning to normal. Yellowtail snapper will be our primary target and morning trips are preferred. As we move into fall and winter more reef fish will be arriving and afternoon trips will be a good option.

Snorkeling has not been so good the past month. The hot water has made for poor visibility and we have had significant jellyfish blooms that made snorkeling in the prime areas extra challenging. Again, cooling waters are bringing in cleaner water and hopefully the jellies thin out. For October, I would expect moon jellyfish to be something to be expected and prepared for. Not a big deal. A rashguard and a buff will make your trip much more enjoyable if you happen to bump a few. Again, not a big deal.

Offshore fishing and wreck fishing are all improving. Our mahi fishing in nearly over, but we see a few small hit or miss runs through October to mid-November. The tuna fishery far offshore should be action packed and predictable. Keep in mind we need winds of 15mph or less to run far offshore. On the wrecks mackerel, jacks and snapper should be on the upswing.

All things are good going forward! Now is the time to book your Christmas week trip and Spring Break vacation. I’m really looking forward to visitors returning and getting busy again. I was reflecting on my business and the logistics of operating. I am really grateful for what I do. It’s rarely easy, but I love to work hard and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I enjoy good guests and enjoy meeting and working with people from all over the world. This was a really tough year and I know some in the charter fleet are unlikely to survive financially through this off season. I’m cutting my advertising budget because paying bills is more of a priority. This year it’s more important than ever to help spread awareness that I offer high quality trips above and beyond my competition. A 3 minute review on Google or Trip Advisor goes a long way in keeping me high in search engines. Thanks so much!!

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