Marching Right Along Through Spring Break

March 7th, 2024

I’m a little behind in posting my fishing report and spring break update. Life on an island is not quite like what you see in a Corona commercial. Lots of busy days on my end. In general, things are pretty good. There is lot’s of people in town and the weather has been pretty nice for a while. Perfect for your vacation! So, what do you want to do?

Once you are here, you have a ton of options to have a fun day on the water. The key is matching up the right activity to your group and having the right weather window and conditions to do it. Most of my guests this time of year are here for the amazing fishing opportunities we have. You can have a great adventure anywhere from 2 miles off the beach up to 30 miles offshore. I find that I can check all the boxes for most of my charter guests with a 4 hour reef trip. Morning trips are preferred. This trip can look a few different ways depending on wind direction and who is in your group. I do my best to work with your specific needs and put you in the best scenario to experience our exciting fishing and bring home a dinner or 2. The better the conditions we have and the more resilient your group is, generally, the further out and deeper we go. If you are good on your end, I have more options to work with.

Spots only 1.5 miles off the beach offer some great March fishing opportunities

Most of my main reef trips are 5-7 miles from land, but some can be much closer. The deep reef holds larger, smarter fish that live in clear to very clear water. They see a million presentations in their lifetime and are highly educated in what we are doing to catch them. Our techniques are more refined and our tackle and equipment is lighter to try to fool them. This works for most people that can learn 3 step basic instructions and refine the technique as the trip progresses. Our primary targets are yellowtail snapper, mangrove snapper and grouper.

A beautiful and rare Nassau Grouper, released to make a few more

For those looking for bigger fish and a more comprehensive experience, we can spend some time fishing the deep wrecks beyond the reef. In this fishery we are drifting over structure and live baiting and working lures to entice a bite.

Pound for pound, an amberjack from the deep wrecks will test your stamina

The top level of fishing I offer is offshore trolling and jigging. Usually we start 27 miles offshore for tuna and build our day around whatever is most likely to be present at for the time of year and the conditions present. We need really nice weather for this type of trip, so it is not a popular option until our winds relax going into May and June. Typically my anglers are experienced and have a working knowledge of fishing equipment and basic operations of setting lines and fighting bigger fish. This fishery is NOT for everybody and every group. However, if you have some skills, I have the ways and means to make awesome things happen.

Blackfin Tuna are a primary offshore target most of the year

Other things happening, snorkeling. The water has cleared up quite a bit since the start of the month. Yes, the visibility varies day to day, but if it is calm for 3 or 4 days, our water is pretty nice in the 30 plus foot range for visibility. The water temperature is still wiggling around in the mid 70’s, so a wetsuit is still a great option. Also, I have seen a regular presence of jellyfish, so extra protection is extra protection.

Other fun options are a private sunset cruise, a trip to the sandbar, playing in mermaid tails or even bar hopping by boat. All of my trips are custom trips, so if it is legal and it sounds fun, just ask and we can figure something out.

If you are new to my website, the only place you can make a reservation is right here on my “Reservations” page. You can fill out my contact form if you have any unusual situations or special needs for your trip, You are welcome to call me. I don’t answer my phone when I am on the water, so your direct option is here on my site. If you have any difficulties in the booking process, I will be happy to assist you when I get home and open up my laptop. That’s about it! If you want to see what my customers are doing, my social media pages are linked on my home page for your convenience.

Mutton Snapper from the wrecks
Family fishing on the inner reefs
A beautiful Porgy from a near shore reef

A hogfish from a shallow reef

A large mutton snapper from the deep reef

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