April 2024 Update and Info

April 15th, 2024

Super easy short update and information pertaining to planning your April adventures. We are flying through spring break 2024 and April is our transitional month from our windy windy weather season into our calmer pre summer pattern. Nobody told the calendar, but summer is already here.

Snorkeling becomes more of a regular option as we push into warmer temperatures and calmer weather. For the first part of April, our water temperatures have been in the 78 degree range and climbing. We have also has many more incredible visibility days on the reef that are excellent for snorkeling and not so great for fishing. If you have interest in dividing your time above and below the water, April into May is an excellent time. I can outfit you with all of the equipment if needed or bring your own. As with everything, conditions dictate what we can and will do. If it is not good for snorkeling, we will redirect our time to another activity.

A crystal clear reef water day ideal for snorkeling

Fishing on the reef is heating up. Our winter fish have left and spring arrivals are trickling in. Snapper, grouper, permit and offshore a few dolphin are showing up for lucky anglers here and there. Overall catching has been consistent. Our plans, conditions for our trip and your skill sets are all major factors as to how it all unfolds. Yellowtail snapper has been our main focus and will continue to be for many months to come. General plan is to get dinner early and once our main reef bite slows, we work our way back exploring other shallower fisheries where dirtier water gives us different opportunities.

A great morning reef trip

On the windy days the shallow bay side of the islands has been providing us refuge from bumpy sea conditions. We have had many great trips targeting mangrove snapper in protected shallow areas where action is non stop. Looking back to last year’s catches, mid April 2023 was excellent for quality and quantity for about a month.

bay side mangrove snapper

It’s been a few weeks since I have operated an offshore trip. Longs stretches of wind, big seas and lack of good weather windows has kept me closer to land. Some early reports of Mahi are coming in randomly. The tuna bite is always there and is our primary target until our mahi run gets going. It’s a big investment to run 27 miles to the Marathon Hump, but often well worth it. Once May rolls around we have more incentive with more species to target and better weather windows.

Fishing on the wrecks has been a little slow leading up to April. Spring brings us new arrivals such as Permit and we see an uptick in Mutton Snappers, but conditions have not really been there for us to target that fishery. With some calm weather that should change this month. The deeper fishery is more quality than quantity. This is where we put in more time to make that special catch to cap off a great day of fishing. This is also a fishery where some experience fighting big fish helps. Sharks and angler error can be a tough obstacle when strength and tackle are pushed to limits.

April looks like a busy charter month for me. Many of my morning trips are booked up and my afternoons are filling up. Keep in mind, morning trips are best for fishing success. Sunshine, heat and clear water deter many of our reef fish from eating during high sun hours. On my afternoon trips I I fish a different spot than I fished in the morning, but I have no way of telling if someone else fished the spot I choose. There’s a lot of people out there fishing these days! A morning trip is your best bet for catching.

As always, thanks for reading and supporting my business! I hope to see you on board soon to make another adventure! The boat and the business are in prime shape for spending long days on the water making great trips.

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