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This is where you check my availability and book your trip.  Read everything on this page.  It all helps you!

Read my blog “Latest Info” before placing your reservation so you’re aware of current information.

This is EASY!!
1) Choose “4 Hour Trip” or “Full Day/+4 Hour Trip”  Scroll down a little more….
2) Click on the desired calendar date for your charter and choose an 8-12 morning trip or a 1-5pm afternoon trip. For any trip longer than 4 hours, select “Full Day/ +4 Hour Trip” to save the proper amount of time you desire(like a 3/4 day).  If the time/date is in red, it is already booked.
3) Fill out your contact information. A $100 deposit with a credit card via PayPal is required for a 4 hour trip and a $200 deposit for anything longer to hold your reservation. Please leave me DETAILED information in the “NOTES” section of your reservation about how many people will be aboard and what you would like to do. That information is very helpful!! I pool and plan my resources based on your specific information.  Leave me no information and that is how I plan for your trip.  Zero planning.  Understand?  I plan for what I know, so don’t leave it blank.

Upon booking, a confirmation email will be immediately sent to you and a reminder email will be sent to you 48 hours before your scheduled trip.  If you didn’t get a confirmation email, you did not book a trip.  Do NOT hit the back button while you are making your reservation.  It will time out the reservation you selected for 15 minutes to prevent an accidental double booking and you will have to start over 15 minutes later.

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This is where you check my availability and book your trip.  Read everything on this page.  It all helps you! Read my blog "Latest Info" before placing your reservation so you're aware of current information. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE MY AVAILABILITY/SCHEDULE on the calendar below. This is EASY!! 1) Choose "4 Hour Trip" or "Full … More information
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If you have any questions or have any difficulty in the booking process, please call me and I’ll be happy to help over the phone or by email. Do NOT hit the back button during your reservation process.  It will time out your selection for 15 minutes.  You will have to try again 15 minutes later, just like an airline ticket.  I am best reached in the evening around 7pm. Thanks!!
Deposit will be refunded for any trip cancelled before 7 calendar days of your scheduled trip.
Deposit will be refunded for any weather cancellation or mechanical issue on my behalf.
Cancellations within 7 days of your scheduled trip will not be refunded.  You will be billed for the full amount of your trip for any trip cancelled within 48 hours.
This policy is standard among professional charter captains to protect our income and time invested in the preparation of your trip.

The detailed information you provide in the “Notes” section of your reservation goes into my system to help me prepare for your trip and budget my resources.  Please help me help you by telling me who, what, when, where and how much additional attention your group needs for your trip.  I assume your group is normal and can be happy and comfortable in the sun, waves and water for the duration of your trip unless I hear it from you.

You are the representative of your trip and you know the members of your party.  I share the appropriate information with you to help you prepare properly and this must be shared and applied to all members of your party.  Unprepared guests alter the outcome of any trip.  If you email your guests my Trip Tips, then they can be properly prepared too!!  I like that idea!!

I offer almost any kind of trip for any skill level.  I’ll start with what we plan to do and we will end up with what you can do,with success, withing the given amount of time I have to figure out where and what that is.  Please choose an activity that suits you or your group.  Fishing, Spearing and Lobstering require different skills sets, application of instruction and ability to adapt to situations as they happen.  Offshore fishing trips you are setting lines and operating as my deck crew because YOU ARE MY DECK CREW.  All of my customers want to catch the biggest, baddest and best fish that swim in the ocean during their vacation.  I totally understand and get it.  That’s my goal too.  I personally would not book an advanced trip for myself requiring moderate experience or a thorough understanding of the more technical aspects of the fundamentals of the activity if I have little or no experience.  I can work with anybody.  Anybody that is willing to learn and can comprehend what is necessary to get to the desired end goal.  My most difficult trips are with customers that book a trip expecting everything and prepare for nothing.  I can do almost everything for you, but I named my business Florida Keys Reel Adventures because I operate in reality and you are really doing the things that make your trip successful.  You are earning the experience through a rewarding learning process.  Please check out my TRIP TIPS section for additional helpful information.  Please invest in your trip.  Between Google and YouTube, you can search out a video on anything, so not knowing anything about the trip you booked or being totally unprepared is a personal choice you make.  My good advice to you is watch as many videos and arm yourself with as much information in proportion to how successful you wish to be, how much fun you want to have or how comfortable you want to be on your trip.  Make sense?