Fishing in Marathon

Jennifer’s First Permit

Of all the reasons most people book a charter, most seek to take advantage of the wide variety of world class fishing opportunities that exist only here in the Florida Keys.  I am a fisherman and fishing is my passion.  It doesn’t matter if I’m ice fishing, catching bait, catching dinner, commercial fishing or chasing the most ferocious creature that swims. I just want to go fishing!  So…let’s go!

My boat is a 31′ Sailfish center console fishing boat fully upgraded and updated with the best electronics and equipment for 2019. My custom Sailfish boat is a wide and stable platform that I set up specifically to fit the variety of charters that I offer to you. Powered by twin 250 Yamaha four stroke outboards, my boat delivers a quiet, efficient and smooth ride that outclasses the performance of most boats near its size. Like a Swiss Army knife, the advantages of the Sailfish allow me the flexibility to offer multiple activities within the same trip without compromise. With plenty of room for 6 customers(seating for 12), it doesn’t matter if we are shallow or deep, near or far. Daytime or night, above the water or diving below…..I am ready to cater to the custom trip you seek with the proper boat to get the job done well.

Large interior with plenty of seating and room to fight fish

2 freshwater wash downs will rinse the salt out of your hair to keep your hair less Mermaid-like and a freshwater toilet for the ladies will eliminate having to use a stinky saltwater head, a dirty bucket or having to go overboard.  It’s a pretty nice upgrade from most fishing boats!  This boat has tons of room, shade and storage for all your gear and passengers.

4th of July at the sandbar

What if you have your own boat or rented one? Well, hire a “reel” captain!

I am available for hire on your vessel or a rented boat within reason.  There is a lot to learn and I’m happy to teach. This is a smart and safe way to have a successful day on the water, while reducing the chances of many boating hazards and mishaps.  This is ideal for the new boat owner, visiting boaters not familiar with the local waters and laws or great for Dad or Grandpa that you’re not too sure about turning loose on their own. Within reason means I have been on hunk of junk boats way too many times to place myself back in that nightmare, so if your boat needs anything other than a captain, I’m not the guy for you. I’ve learned my lesson too many times.  I have become very busy with my operation, so this is a case by case basis with consideration to my current schedule and what is involved to helping you on your boat.  I do say “no” alot, but not all of the time.

Having an experienced captain on board for your boating excursion is an affordable insurance policy to prevent BUI for your boat parties, Dad sinking the boat and Grandpa removing the dock entirely when coming in from a long day of fishing.

I see boating go wrong weekly/countless times because it happens to somebody every day here in the Florida Keys.  Think about it for a second.