Fishing in Marathon

A Huuuuge Snowy Grouper! A first for this Father/Son duo

Of all the reasons most people book a charter, most seek to take advantage of the wide variety of world class fishing opportunities that exist only here in the Florida Keys.  I am a fisherman and fishing is my passion.  It doesn’t matter if I’m ice fishing, catching bait, catching dinner, commercial fishing or chasing the most ferocious creature that swims. I just want to go fishing!  So…let’s go!

A 4 Hour Reef Trip is the ideal trip for most of my groups.  The preferred trip is a morning time slot that gets us on the action before the sun gets too bright and the fish get fed by others.  We typically have a 5-7 mile boat ride on either side of the island depending on the wind direction or conditions for the day.  We anchor and chum up the fish to bring them in close proximity to the boat to make catching them easier.  A quick tutorial on the “how to’s” and you are fishing.  This is the most common style of fishing we do here in the Keys.  It suits absolute beginners to the most advanced angler.  We normally are fishing 2 lines at a time, but in certain situation can fish up to 4. Success comes through picking up the specific techniques needed to fool very smart fish in clear water that know the difference between a bait on a hook and a quality presentation that will encourage a bite.  We are playing a game and details are what really matters to catching our fish.  Learn the game and we catch the fish.

Wreck Fishing is a more advanced style of fishing where we are drifting over structure in 150′-250′ of water.  We are presenting live baits on conventional and spinning gear and often high speed vertical jigging with spinning gear.  This requires a more complex partnership between the captain and anglers.  The captain must maintain a proper controlled drift while the anglers deploy baits strategically to make the most of the limited drifts over structure.  This style of fishing doesn’t normally produce as much action as the reef fishing, but the fish are typically of larger quality.  This style of fishing isn’t for everybody.  Especially if you have a short attention span.

a great catch from the deep wrecks under ideal conditions

Shark Fishing is a good entry level experience for those looking to feel the power of a large fish and learn about the fundamentals and techniques required to land big fish properly.  Of course it requires some strength and stamina, but that can be adjusted for each angler to a degree.

1 of many sharks caught and released

Tarpon Fishing is a more advanced large fish experience that puts you against an extreme fish that is challenging to land.  Tarpon fishing is more about getting bites and hoping to successfully land a fish.  We strategically anchor in high traffic tarpon areas and fish live baits waiting for the action to unfold.  These trips are best for the very first part of sunrise and around sunset into dark.  Tarpon are insane fighters and are very good at shaking the hook.  A tarpon trip is not for everybody.  There are many situations that challenge a new angler with less experience.

a tarpon putting up a huge fight

Offshore Fishing is a more advanced trip.  Typically we are 20-30 miles offshore hunting fish that are always on the move.  Offshore conditions change rapidly and common sea conditions of 2-4ft waves should be expected.  Any wrinkle in the weather or speed of the gulf stream can build sea conditions rapidly.  Offshore fishing requires my customers to set lines and have an understanding of fishing fundamentals of how to have situational awareness, fight fish, handle fish/hooks and lures and set lines without tangles.  Everybody does is differently, but I have a system of success that is fairly easy to pick up on once the pattern is seen a few times.  It is critical that I am driving the boat to keep us on the fish and my customers are performing the necessary actions to get hooked fish into the boat.  I am assisting every step that I can as I am driving the boat.  This is a dynamic style of fishing with a lot of moving parts.  It is not a good fit for everybody.  It requires you to know that you don’t get seasick.  I need prevailing winds to be 15mph or less to have reasonable sea conditions. 

a great offshore mix of dolphin, tuna and tilefish

Within the scope of fishing there is many more opportunities.  The ocean changes hour by hour and many great days come from doing something outside of the plan.  There is no such thing as normal when it comes to weather, water conditions or fishing patterns anymore.  It is all highly conditional and the best plan is to make the most of what is going on at the time.  The real key is to match your group to the correct activity and I will make the adjustments to give you the best results for your trip.

A nice cobia from the bayside


My boat is a 31′ Sailfish center console fishing boat fully upgraded and updated with the best electronics and equipment for 2023. My custom Sailfish boat is a wide and stable platform that I set up specifically to fit the variety of charters that I offer to you. Powered by twin 300hp Suzuki four stroke outboards, my boat delivers a quiet, efficient and smooth ride that outclasses the performance of most boats near its size. Like a Swiss Army knife, the advantages of the Sailfish allow me the flexibility to offer multiple activities within the same trip without compromise. With plenty of room for 6 customers(seating for 10), it doesn’t matter if we are shallow or deep, near or far. Daytime or night, above the water or diving below…..I am ready to cater to the custom trip you seek with the proper boat to get the job done well.

Large interior with plenty of seating and room to fight fish

2 freshwater wash downs will rinse the salt out of your hair to keep your hair less Mermaid-like and a freshwater toilet for the ladies will eliminate having to use a stinky saltwater head, a dirty bucket or having to go pee overboard.  It’s a pretty nice upgrade from most fishing boats!  This boat has tons of room, shade and storage for all your gear and passengers.

4th of July at the sandbar

I am grateful, honored and humbled to be doing something I enjoy for a living. I literally work every day, so I have to streamline my operation, word things a certain way to somehow create awareness or cause you to question what you are doing.