Planning For May Vacation

Skipping the April report and looking to May. Having run nearly 3 months non-stop with only a weather day here or there, my hot streak came to an end when my boat needed a major repair. A couple of weeks of fiberglass work and some long windy stretches have kept me on land for most of April. I am more than ready to go do all the fun things again. May marks the beginning...

March is Super Busy Spring Break Time

March is the starting line for a massive wave of Spring Break vacationers and I am prepared to provide you the best possible experience on the water. The only variable is you have to communicate with me, you have to prepare using the information on my website and you have to show up on time. It's a partnership/

If you...

Spring Break 2022 Planning

Per recent demand and how many trips I am booking daily for spring break, this is for those looking for more information to make Marathon Florida part of their Florida Keys Spring Break plan.

February 2022 Update

I'm watching the weather channel and it looks like winter is here for everybody. I get it. That means you are coming soon or looking to make a plan to escape your version of hell freezing over. I have a plan for you and here are the details.

Like everywhere, things are changing quickly. Our daily reality is out of bo...